Antic Teatre is, has been and will continue to be a staunch defender of artists and independent culture based on creative freedom.

At the same time, Antic Teatre is about building, strengthening and developing its neighbourhood, its people and its audience. It is precisely the people who come here who give our programming its value.

With the aim of rewarding our regular followers, we’ve been running the #SocAntic campaign: some of the events featured on our usual channels (website, posters, social networks, newsletters…) are tagged #SocAntic. Any show featuring this label is linked to the Tarjeta3+1, (3+1 Card) that can be requested at the box office and which entitles the holder to a free ticket for every five purchased.

Shows from the current season included in this offer are:

Antic Teatre at Grec 2019: special offer limited to seating availability.  For A Nation is Born in Me, only five promotional tickets will be admitted per show/per day.

Make the most of this opportunity and join #SocAntic!


The 3+1Card is personal and non-transferable.

The 3+1Card is valid for a year. The previous card (5+1) is still valid and will be updated in 2019. If yours already has three boxes checked, bring it with you on your next visit and you will get in for free, meaning you can continue to accumulate stamps until you have 3 and receive your free ticket regardless of whether it’s within the same season or year.

This offer runs in conjunction with Antic membership, you just have to present both cards at the box office when purchasing your ticket. It is also compatible with special discounts, see.

The management reserves the right to cancel the card and to make changes to or end the campaign at any time.

Shows in promotion season 2019-2020 / 3+1 Card:

  1. 6-8/9  Cinema Sticado –STRPTS // Fin de temporada
  2. 21-22/9 Sandra Gómez Tot per l’aire
  3. 17-20/10 Atzur Pla-Dur
  4. 24-27/10  Casc Antic and Antic Teatre’s neighbors (Antic Teatre’s artistic-community theater group) La Bellesa
  5. 7-10/11 Amaranta Velarde Apariciones sonoras
  6. 28-10 – 1/11 David Fernández El odio a la música
  7. 12-15/12 Col·lectiu Las Huecas Projecte 92

Shows in promotion season 2018-2019 (previous):

5+1 Card

  1. 7-8/9 Los Bárbaros Lo que queda
  2. 13/9 Manel Salas Palau convida a: Julyen Hamilton, Núria Andorrà, Paolo Cingolani, Claudia Pelliccia, Horne Horneman, Anna Heuer Hansen, Irirs Heitzinger The Expanding Axis & Breaking the Nest
  3. 19-21/10 Marina Rodríguez Llorente Porn is On
  4. 1-4/11 Compagnie Têtes de Mules L’entresort
  5. 9-11/11 Col·lectiu Las Huecas Projecte 92
  6. 22/11 – 2/12 Søren Evinson A Nation Is Born In Me
  7. 7-9/12 Casc Antic and Antic Teatre’s neighbors (Antic Teatre’s artistic-community theater group) La Bellesa

3+1 Card

  1. 31-/1/19 – 3/2/19 El Pollo Campero Comidas Para Llevar Parecer Felices
  2. 24-27/1 Iniciativa Sexual Femenina Catalina
  3. 28/2 – 2/3 Olga Onrubia Ay ay ay
  4. 11.7 i 9/3 Societat Doctor Alonso Estudi per a pandereta
  5. 14-17/3 Macarena Recuerda Shepherd ¡Ay! ¡Ya!
  6. 25-28/4 Compagnie LaScam / Valerio Scamuffa Necesito Lo quiero
  7. 9-12/5 Teatro de Açúcar La Isla Flotante
  8. 16-19/5 Glòria Ribera Versiones parciales y erróneas de mi vida y mi gloria
  9. 7-16/6 Azkona&Toloza Tierras del Sud
  10. 4-7/7 Las Detectives Pienso casa, digo silla
  11. 11-21/7 Verónica Navas Ramírez La Ciudad
  12. 22/11 – 2/12 Søren Evinson A Nation Is Born In Me
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