Terrace and garden


accions-al-jardi-2jardi-taulesThe Terrace and Garden make up a unique space, one of the few architectural examples remaining in Barcelona of gardens from the Romantic period. Surrounded by the balconies and terraces of neighbouring buildings, it is open all year round as a meeting place for members, neighbours, audiences and artists. It is a place that encourages alternative educational, artistic and social systems based on encouraging community activities. It energises life in the area and spreads the socio-cultural model in which it believes.

The terrace was completely rebuilt during the first renovation process (2008-2009). It is one level up from the street and connects to this via an emergency exit with access for people with reduced mobility, and via a staircase to the garden.



International Performing Arts Meeting (IPAM) a l’Antic Teatre dins del Festival Grec 2015.

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