15/10/21. DESARROLLO “El cor de Manresa”


“El cor de Manresa” es una danza creada por los alumnos y alumnas de primero de bachillerato artístico-escénico del Institut Lluís de Peguera de Manresa. Se performa en grupo y representa una celebración del ciclo de la vida. La danza empieza igual que acaba y eso permite practicarla en forma de bucle. Igual que la vida.


Ciutat Vella tindrà la seva dansa tradicional contemporània
Les veïnes poden apuntar-se a aquest projecte col·laboratiu, que té lloc a l’Antic Teatre

– betevé / a la carta / Família barris, Laura Sangrà (21/12/21)

EL MOVIMIENTO is an artistic creation project, collectively authored by city communities. It’s a movement for the generation of new folk culture: contemporary social dances that we can make our own and establish as traditions of the future. Starting with the idea of dance as a tool for conflict resolution and the empowerment of civic conscience, we worked with a range of collectives representing the new civic communities. Together, we created and considered how to not only conserve these new dances, but also protect and transmit them to other citizens, establishing them as part of the city’s non-material heritage.

We’re proposing a place for research, thought and creation, where new forms of folk culture can be invented to represent each of the communities involved; bringing the body into society by generating inclusive and including dances.

The two sessions at Antic Teatre will establish the bases of this new Ciutat Vella movement, committed to “making histories” for the city of Barcelona.

The project will manifest its various formats at:

La Danza Real Arcicollana 2021

Fira de la Mediterrania de Manresa 2021

Festival Hacer Historias 2021 (Barcelona)

Festival TNT 2022 (Terrasssa)


Organized by: Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol


We’re Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol, theatrical creators and performers.
We work at the edges of various disciplines including dance, architecture, theatre and opera, and their influence on politics and society. We are deeply committed to a place that others only transit through: being at the edges of things rather than at their centre is an ideological position. Our performance work cuts across forms of expression and is developed using energy and empathy: we use humour, the absurd, repetition and music to bring live arts closer to all audiences, with the aim of having them all dancing the conga by the time they leave, ready to repeat what they’ve seen once they’re back in their homes. We’ve been in this together since 2009, collaborating with theatres, art centres and festivals in Europe and Latin America.

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