Renovation works



The complete renovation of the building took place in different stages:

  • Structural reinforcement of the floors in the auditorium, foyer and bar.
  • Bricking up of windows, soundproofing and reinforcement with steel girders in the auditorium.
  • Building of a technical booth and a moveable grid on which to hang lights and other technical effects.
  • Reconstruction of the terrace in its entirety and of the staircase to the street.
  • New lavatories for men, women and people with reduced mobility.
  • Installation of a lift to three levels and a second access for people with reduced mobility.
  • Installation of a new electrical system.



In compliance with fire regulations:

  • Installation of several fire doors.
  • Fire proofing of the entire theatre, bar and foyer.
  • Installation of a fire prevention system with smoke detectors.
  • Creation of a fire hydrant access point.

Air conditioning was also installed in the auditorium, the foyer and the bar area.

As a result of these works, an old neighbourhood cultural centre with out-of-date installations came into compliance with the new regulations.

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The auditorium in 2003.


In 2008, during the building works, shows took place at Adriantic for several months.

On January 16, 2010, the theatre was reinagurated with its new auditorium, although the renovation works were not yet complete (a new seating system and dressing rooms were still pending, having been postponed to a second phase due to begin in 2013).

In November 2013, after the final renovation phase was completed, the Antic Teatre was granted its permanent activities licence.


The auditorium between 2003 and 2008.


The auditorium today.

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