February 6-9


Schumann amateur

Thursday, February 6th at 8mp
Friday, February 7th at 8pm
Saturday, February 8th at 8pm
Sunday, February 9th at 8pm
Duration: 75 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

organised by Agost Produccions


Created and directed by: Rubén Ramos Nogueira
Performers: Núria Lloansi, Rubén Ramos Nogueira, Ariadna Rodríguez, and Gemma Llorens Live music: Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, and Johannes Brahms
Text: Rubén Ramos Nogueira
Lighting design and technical director: Antoine Forgeron
Translation: Núria Rodríguez Riestra | Photography: Dorothee Elfring
Dossier graphic design: Quim Deu | Production and distribution: Olga Álvarez

Produced by: Antic Teatre

Co-production: Festival TNT and El Konvent, Berga

Collaboration: L’Estruch, Casa Orlandai, La Poderosa, and nyamnyam.

With the support of the Departament de Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya

Thanks to: Gema Ramos Nogueira, Elena Nogueira Núñez, Bautista Ramos Portea, Beatriz Nogueira Núñez, Antonio Álvarez Fernández, Amable Álvarez Fernández, Bárbara Mingo Costales, Óscar Cornago, The Dartington Piano Trio, Mònica Pérez Serrano, Stephen Nachmanovitch, Katie Lakner, Matthias Henke, Elizabeth Subercaseaux, Luis Ángel de Benito, Iris La Salvia, Richard Stokes, Claudio Colombo, Daniel Baremboim, Ursula Anders, Friedrich Gulda, Pablo Gisbert, Tomàs Aragay, Fernando Gandasegui, Iñaki Álvarez, Nilo Gallego, Silvia Zayas, Cor Lieder Càmera, Al Ras petit Festival, Jordi Plana, Manoli Mansilla and Teatron




A guy who plays the piano, obsessed with pianist and composer Clara Schumann, born two hundred years ago. An actress who dances and barely speaks. A violinist and cellist who get together and form a trio. A lighting designer taking a break from the mediocrity he deals with every day.
The third instalment of AMATEUR, following episodes devoted to Orlando Gibbons and the Goldberg Variations, “questions the hierarchies and conventions of the world of culture, art, and work as publicly construed. Through a practice that openly positions itself between artistic creation and biographical necessity, between culture and pleasure, it opens up a zone of reflection, perception, and exchange that responds to a personal and shared impulse – something potentially available to everybody – rather than some imposed artistic or cultural trend.” Oscar Cornago, researcher at the CSIC.

RUBÉN RAMOS NOGUEIRA (Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 1973)
Writer, journalist, musician, and performer
Ruben Ramos does live arts, music, and writing. His AMATEUR series of performances aims to reclaim the practice of music for non-professionals. He has published two works of fiction, Master (2013) and Punk cursi (2018). He is the director of online platform Teatron, an influential live arts medium through which he has actively engaged in journalistic activities for ten years. He is a member of electronic music group Novios with Pablo Gisbert. He lives in Barcelona.

For the second year running and in conjunction with El Graner,  Antic Teatre will host two shows in the 8th edition of live arts festival SÂLMON.

From February 6th to 16th, Antic will be presenting two of its co-productions: Schumann Amateur by Rubén Ramos Nogueira (first showing in Barcelona city subsequent to its premiere at Festival TNT) and Faustino IV o 126 cavalls by Sergi Faustino (absolute premiere).

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