February 19-23


no tienes que aburrir(-te) Vol. 2 - los implicados (no has d'avorrir(-te) vol. 2 - els implicats)

Wednesday, February 19th at 8pm
Thursday, February 20th at 8pm
Friday, February 21st at 8pm
Saturday, February 22nd at 8pm
Sunday, February 23rd at 8pm
Duration: 90 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Friday 21st: AFTER SHOW TALK
organised by recomana.cat

Saturday 22nd: AFTER SHOW TALK
organised by Agost Produccions

Performers: Alex Sanz, Alba Dunyo, Meri Anglés, Dani Blanqué
Choreographic input and dancers: Rick Ponce, Dalí Ponce
Video and sound track: Yarei Molina
Photography: Sandra Gross
Direction assistant: María de Prada
Stage managing assistant: Mariona Ubia
Texts:  Kathrin Röggla
Text translation: Albert Tola
Concept, direction and stage managment: Christina Schmutz and Frithwin
Communications input: Montse Triola
Production: Christina Schmutz with coindesmu

Coproduction: Antic Teatre

Artist residency: Can Felipa

With support from the Consulate of the German Federal Republic

Initial concept created during the residency at the Sta. Magdalena Alternative
Theatre Network

Text translation funded by Goethe Institut Barcelona

This PerformanceTheatreAction interlinks the critique of our addiction to permanent feedback to the unlimited media marketing of individal life expressions, and the promise of happiness proffered by social evaluation and transparence to a new, de-medialised challenge that transcends the still anthropocentric world view of theatre: in light of an imminent climate catastrophe, humans have become a high-risk environmental factor.
The text underlying this production, die beteiligten (the implicated) by Kathrin Röggla, is a semidocumentary expostulation on social hypocrisy and ruthlessness – and a literary reflection of the contradictions and absurdities of our media-dominated daily life.
The project, structured over several phases, searches for communal creative spaces: spaces of “aliveness” in a theatre that caters for a radically changing society and its yearning for solidarity by developing new, post-human forms of meaning and sensibility.
An initial expression of the project was supported with a residence by the Redes de Teatros Alternativos Sta. Magdalena (2017/2018).

Christina Schmutz and Frithwin Wagner-Lippok have worked together since 2005 as an artistic collective: all of their projects emerge from the confrontation with subjects and texts, and by the intersection of those texts with others by deconstructing, fragmenting and recombining them, dissolving the boundaries between acting, choreography, installation, happening and performance.

Christina Schmutz has a PHD in Theatre Studies, is a theatre director, investigator and teacher. She combines practice and theory performing lectures and issuing publications related to new practices and aesthetics in theatre (she is an active member of working group Performance as Research IFTR [International Federation of Theatre Research], and a member of GTW [German Society of Theatre Sciences].)

Frithwin Wagner-Lippok is a theatre director and theorist who runs workshops and collaborations with different Universities and artists and scientists in Berlin, Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro. His theoretical-practical projects focus on contemporary aesthetics, performativity, and affectivity in today’s theatre. He teaches at the University of Hildesheim where he is finishing his PhD thesis on theatrical events and affective space.

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