March 5-8


Alone together

Thursday, March 5th at 8pm
Friday, March 6th at 8pm
Saturday, March 7th at 8pm
Sunday, March 8th at 8pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Thursday 5th: AFTER SHOW TALK
organized by Agost Produccions for the “Alone Together” audiobook presentation in complicity with the TR3SC’S Aula de Públics.

Text, voice and soundscapes: Joana Brabo

Management: Georgina Majench

Photography: EUGENIA ORTIZ


ALONE TOGETHER is a poetic and sensory experience of the anxiety that hides behind the smoke; cigarette smoke and the smoke that surrounds us, a society trapped in narcissism, in networking the networks, where concentration is impossible, a society divided at the extremes fighting its own anxiety. Joana Brabo narrates, expounds, blethers, chats, confesses, reveals, states, expresses, natters, articulates, proclaims, tells, sings and activates sonar landscapes from a small control desk. ALONE TOGETHER transports us to different places, from New York to Menorca via Barcelona or Brazil, always based on our own personal imagination.

Joana Brabo -LO BUENO SI BRABO TRES VECES BREVE – disconnects words from the usual book format and transforms them into a game, both as performances at a range of theatres, museums, and poetry and sound art festivals (Macba, Sala Beckett, Antic Teatre, Kosmópolis, Fest de Poesia, BCN; Fest Silêncio,LIS; Yuxtaposiciones, MAD; Vociferio, VAL; Fest Aural, DF; The Nuyorican, The Clemente, NY…) and graphically, by exhibiting her visual poems and caligraphies on all kinds of surface, such as her EN3PALABRAS project featured in Tarragona’s night buses. Her visual work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Menorca and São Paulo.

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