March 19-21



Thursday, March 19th at 6pm & 8pm
Friday, March 20th at 6pm & 8pm
Saturday, March 21st at 8pm
Duration: 60 min


In the sequence of the measures approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya derived from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, Antic Teatre – Espai de Creació postpone TRES MUJERES Y UN DESTINO until new warning.

Arrebato Libros is always trying to get back to Barcelona, the city of its birth, and this time it does so proudly presenting its three new authors: three great poetesses who will perform their work on stage at Antic Teatre. Three very different and unique proposals: the first, a spoken word by Laura Sam accompanied by live electronic music courtesy of Nazareno; the second, Violeta Gil and Abraham Boba with their show that is causing a sensation wherever it goes; and on the third day, humour and strength from our favourite native of Malaga, María Eloy-García.

[March 19th at 6pm & 8pm]
INCENDIARIA (contemporary poetics)
Incendiaria is a project that manifests on stage as a repertory of texts written and read by Laura Sam (Laura Soto), the voice that will bring alive a poetry that is, above all, direct, solid, critical, and true, but also permeable to moments that recognise its fragility. All enveloped in the sounds of Nazareno (Quique Sánchez), creator of the acoustic atmosphere that steers this singular event, in which oral poetry is combined with electronic music sourced from a variety of sounds, including industrial, ambient and experimental.

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[March 20th at 6pm & 8pm]
ANTES DE QUE TIRÉIS MIS COSAS (contemporary poetics)
Antes de que tiréis mis cosas is, in the last instance, a series of poems about bodies that are themselves possibilities, ideas, and songs. It’s about the identity of bodies, their sexuality and their dreams, desires, and lost memories; prose poems pierced by the celebration of song; not something sublime and perfect, harmonious and true, but rather wild songs, bursts of flame that reach into the darkness of the bedroom; dances that become kisses.
José de Monfort
Mondo Sonoro

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[March 21st at 8pm]
LOS HABITANTES DEL PANORAMA (contemporary poetics)
If María Eloy-García is unique and the chosen among the chosen for anything, it’s for her voice on stage as the focal point, capable of irony and sarcasm that allow her to move from silence to laughter. In this new project she refuses to stop getting at a world that is in the process of devouring itself. The text and the set alike will delight both her regular readers and those who, as yet, don’t know what they’re missing.

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We at Arrebato Libros love celebrating at Antic Teatre. We’ve been presenting our authors – such as Ajo or Accidents Polipoètics – for quite some time at this very special venue.
We began in the 90s as a fanzine in Poblenou, and since 2004 we have been based in Malasaña where we have a bookshop selling 13,000 titles; a publishing house that has published and distributed 30 books; and the POETAS festival, which has taken place 14 years running in Madrid and America. In addition, we host other activities such as the monthly Contemporary Poetry cycle held at the Fernán Gómez Theatre in Madrid.

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