November 23-28, 2021

Festival INFLUX 2021

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Tuesday, November 23rd at 8 pm
Wednesdays, November 24th at 8 pm
Thursday, November 25th at 8 pm
Friday, November 26th at 8 pm
Saturday, November 27th at 8 pm

Sunday, November 28th:
Family Session at 12:00 noon
Performance at 8 pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

3 SHOW PASS: 30 euros ONLINE
With resrvation:

Familiar session:
5€ kids / 7€ adults ONLINE & BOX OFFICE
(recommended age: 1 to 6 y/o)
PACK 2+2 (2 adults, 2 kids): 20 €
PACK 1+1 (1 adult, 1 kid): 10 €
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This is the eighth edition of INFLUX festival [ video on stage ] that, once again, collaborates with Antic Teatre to promote artists who use video and digital media as an integral aspect of artistic expression in their stage proposals. The festival includes works by visual artists, musicians, poets, dancers, performers or theatrical creators who work in the in-between and hybrid spaces. INFLUX aims to provide visibility for local creators from Barcelona and Catalonia and wants to help display the diversity that exists in contemporary creation.


[November 23rd at 8 pm]
Mos Maiorum
Gentry, la ciutat en venda (New drama | new technologies)

Gentry, la ciudad en venta is a documentary theatre show about the phenomenon of gentrification (a neologism from the English describing the process whereby the original population of a usually central and popular neighbourhood becomes slowly but surely replaced by another with increased buying power or by a more lucrative commercial activity).

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[November 24th at 8 pm]
Park Keito / Kotomi Nishiwaki i Miquel Casaponsa
New(a)days (stage arts | Performance)

A set of scenes that investigate communication, daily rituals and manipulation, to build states and landscapes that range from pure contemplation to others with an almost apocalyptic character. A woman on stage who goes through different ways of inhabiting a space, the relationship with nature and sound, leads us to a set of images that seem attempts to get us out of our daily reality and take us to an uncertain future.

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[November 25th at 8 pm]
The Followers.Co
Cry Babies (New drama)

Cry Babies is a speculative fiction in fake documentary format that looks at the relationship between education, society and violence. In world that promises success and has major expectations of youth, one teenager ignores the rules and leads a violent episode at her high school. What makes a young girl reach her limit? How much responsibility should be assigned to her family, her school, technology, the pressure of existing standards, the media, the politician who made cuts to education, precariety, society or herself?

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[November 26th at 8 pm]
Josep-Maria Balanyà
CoCo Journey (Video | performance | concert| PREMIERE)
CoCo Journey is a show consisting of a one-man musical performance and a screened video. The interaction between the music and the video is constant; the music accompanies the image and vice-versa. CoCo Journey invites reflection on the strangeness of journeys during the pandemic. Trains with no passengers, empty airports, the feeling of being a deserter in almost-empty planes. And, suddenly, to be on the move once again surrounded by crowds of people. On the other hand, the solitude of nature, of the countryside in its natural state, empty, almost desolate.

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[November 27th at 8 pm]
Pere Faura
Sidosos (primera prova) (performance | PREMIERE)

Sidosos is a performance somewhere between videoinstallation and documentary theatre. The result of a comprehensive effort in audiovisual archaeology, the show presents a selection of the different faces and voices who were the protagonists of the early years of the AIDS pandemic in our country.

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[November 28th 12 am]
L’autèntica & Jordi Teixidó
Oh, uh, ah, ei! Terra·Aire·Foc·Aigua
(discotheque | Audiovisual installation | family session)
Did you know that water wets and air is transparent? That fire provides heat and light? And that earth can be rugged or smooth? You can even plant broccoli in the earth! Once upon a time there were four natural elements who played together and made life possible using sounds, colours and textures. If you’d like to find out where butterflies fly, where flowers are planted and what the rain sounds like, come and submerge yourself with us so we can go on the journey together.

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[November 28th at 8 pm]
Tea Guarascio aka KØMMEN
Poetry in the Darkness (live performance| audiovisual | music)

The work is an oneiric tale about identity and memory, nature as mirror image of our inner world and emotional experiences. Light and darkness are intertwined in a slow and hypnotic dance, frantic and full of visions, bichromatic and exhuberant in colour. Water, sky, clouds transmit the deepest impulses of the spirit, the ones that guide us in our search for order within chaos towards truth and beauty. Bodies and souls trapped in an aquatic dimension outside conventional time and space, suspended in the deeps of the unconscious.

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HABITUAL VIDEO TEAM is a non-profit association formed by Lis Costa and Josep M. Jordana, that has as its main objective the promotion of activities related to the visual arts, specifically, video art:

A fundamental area of their work is the organisation of festivals, cycles and video shows, such as the FLUX Video Auteur Festival:, and the INFLUX Audiovisual Performing Arts Festival:

Another area of Habitual Video Team’s activity is video documentation of cultural events mainly related to experimental music and poetry performances. In 2012 they launched the SUMMA project in order to convert this audiovisual heritage (more than 1000 recordings) into a non-profit online video archive:

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