Festival INFLUX 2021
[vídeo a escena]
November 28th, 2021

Tea Guarascio aka KØMMEN

Poetry in the Darkness

Sunday, November 28th at 8 pm
Duration: 45 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Direction, film, musical production: Tea Guarascio aka KØMMEN




The work is an oneiric tale about identity and memory, nature as mirror image of our inner world and emotional experiences. Light and darkness are intertwined in a slow and hypnotic dance, frantic and full of visions, bichromatic and exhuberant in colour. Water, sky, clouds transmit the deepest impulses of the spirit, the ones that guide us in our search for order within chaos towards truth and beauty. Bodies and souls trapped in an aquatic dimension outside conventional time and space, suspended in the deeps of the unconscious.

Technique: The video uses images recorded by the artist. The working procedure appropriates different languages, intertwining video art and video technique in real time [vj’ing]. Multiscreens, traces of shapes build cartoons. Digital landscapes blend with realistic images. The choice of black and white is related to the theme: the darkness. The color represents the light at the end of the road. The fast and slow movement is linked to eventual sound rhythms creating visual distortions, as well as the repetition of images in a loop interpreting the music in the Live Audiovisual concept.

Music: The music is created live by different devices, launchpad, circuit bending, loops and voices, created by the artist and then speared in real time.

Anthropologist, photographer, cinematographer, director, multimedia and sound artist.

Cosmopolitan, nocturnal, restless: her heart beats at 180 bpm at least. 

A multicreative visionary with 20+ years experience in photography and video. Researcher and art investigator for the Italian Council in Spain, in a group of music and interaction directed by Gaia Danese. As a sound artist under the name KØMMEN, she is part of the Community of Female: Pressure, We are Equals / British Council Europe, Femnøise. With her personal and provocative style, she crossed the boundaries of the still image, moving into hybrid territories of audiovisual contamination: somewhere between live act, performance, videoart, dance, documentary, 3D generative experiments, sound, vj’ing, circuit bending, installations and any other art form. Fashion photographer and publisher for several international magazines. 

A net-artist before that became the new state of our times. She loves experimenting within diverse media languages, avoiding any limits to her creativity, until her brain and her heart stop beating.

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