ParlaMent Ciutadà de Cultura de Barcelona

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A Citizen’s ParliaMent is a non-partisan space for assembly, proposals, deliberation and political action for people acting together with the aim of providing a permanent alternative to parliaments made up of parties and financial elites, which often give the representative political system a reductive vision of the general interest in favour of economic and market interests. lt was conceived in 2012 as a device for improving and strengthening the democratic qualities of society. A small, initial prometer group with no party affiliations has been working on it for years to apply it on a range of occasions, sectors and locations, and so help to revitalise these. ( The Citizens’ ParliaMent is a device for creating spaces from which to strengthen cultural policy by organising discussions and so encourage the exchange of information, communication, training, dialogue and collective reflection. lt prometes collaborative strategies in arder to strengthen the activities and initiatives led by individuais, organisations and collectives as a way to increase their social and political impact. lt is also an antiestablishment space for empowerment in cultural policy that highlights the collective practice of open thinking and of fostering empathy with the environment; a place in which to visualise the struggles that are our collective inheritance and that underpin this joint effort in the various fields of culture.

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VIDEO of the constitution of the assembly on May 11th:


Download pdf here | | #ParlaMentCiutadà


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