September 2-4, 2022

Nilo Gallego


Friday, September 2nd at 8 pm
Saturday, September 3rd at 8 pm
Sunday, September 4th at 8 pm
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Creation, direction, execution and production: Nilo Gallego

Artistic/technical residency at Mas nyamnyam, as part of the Si no vols pols no vinguis a l’era cycle, and Antic Teatre.

With support from Festival Domingo (Casa Encendida, Madrid), Festival Escucha (CRUCE, Madrid) and the cycle Atmósferas. Las formas de la belleza (La Casa de las Conchas de Salamanca).

With the collaboration of María de la Cámara, Fernando Gandasegui, Víctor Colmenero, Vaho: Paulina Chamorro and Dani Carretero, Sofía Asencio, Alex Reynolds, Martine Pisani, Wade Mathews, Rubén Ramos and Katsunori Nishimura.

A concert that sits astride silence and listening; the beat and the rhythm; gestures and noise. 

A performance trying to stop time, to leave it suspended mid-flight, just before it touches the ground.

An invocation to Zizka of Trocnov, who, before he died, ordered his soldiers to skin his corpse and make a drum that would spread terror among his enemies.


Paulina Chamorro on the piece (published in Teatron, free live arts community):

“Nilo Gallego sets up on stage a medium consisting of himself and the drum, with which he transmits bodily vibrations and rhythmic agitations, composing invisible melodies that activate the imagination of our hearing.

Nothing Nilo lets us see and hear is really present except as an invocation, as a call to imagine and produce our own sound. All the performativity manifests as an intimate conjuring to produce vibrations in the skin of an animal, that green animal installed like a totem centre stage and which, as a sacred object, looks ready to explode into lightning.

Nilo’s body transfigures his human physicality into that of an animal howling atop an agitated surface.

Who is sounding who in Drum Invocation?”

Nilo Gallego is a musician who produces performances where the starting point is experimentation with sound. In his works, which always contain a playful element, he seeks to interact with the environment and the ordinary. He plays drums, percussion and electronica. He also creates the music and designs the soundscapes for contemporary theatre and dance companies, is part of experimental action collective Orquestina de Pigmeos with Chus Domínguez, and a regular collaborator with other creators including Silvia Zayas, Alex Reynolds, Societat Doctor Alonso, Luz Prado, Vito Gil-Delgado, Amalia Fernández, Arantxa Martínez, Julián Mayorga, Raúl Alaejos and Elena Córdoba.

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