Letter from GENAD, grup ecologísta del nucli antic de Barcelona in support of the Antic Teatre project, 19/02/20

grup ecologista
del nucli antic
de Barcelona
(Environmental Group of Barcelona’s Old Centre)

Barcelona, February 19, 2020

The Environmental Group of Barcelona’s Old Centre (GENAB) would like to express our amicable support to the Antic Teatre collective in their struggle against the speculative processes being used against them, which could result in their disappearance as one of Barcelona’s Old Town cultural centres.

GENAB wants to make clear that the problems that Antic Teatre is experiencing are just a more recent – though no less deplorable – consequence of the current levels of real estate speculation within the city, which stem from the increase in tourism, and which have led to a gentrification process in the neighbourhood affecting social movement, local commerce and local cultural networks.

GENAB demands that the public administrations responsible for managing and protecting public welfare take whatever measures are necessary to ensure the survival of the Old Town neighbourhoods, meaning their residents, their commerce, their social fabric and their cultural venues.

Best wishes, and ecology!

Montserrat Badia
President, GENAB

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