Letter from TRAFIK in support of the Antic Teatre project, 6/03/2020

Dear Sir,

With this letter, we want to express our concern and support for the Antic Theatre in Barcelona, with which we have achieved many years of significant and successful cooperation. Namely, since 2003, TRAFIK and ANTIC have realized several exchanges of Catalan and Croatian performing artists and projects and introduced the culture of their countries to Croatian and Spanish audiences. The projects were realized at a high artistic level in collaboration with the director of the Antique Theatre Julijana Tomic and myself with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture as well as the cultural offices of the city of Barcelona and the regions of Catalonia and EU funds for culture.
We truly believe that the Antique Theater is an important venue for presenting contemporary contemporary art from around the world in Barcelona and Catalonia, but also an ambassador for Spanish culture in the world, and therefore its survival and co-financing is important for the wider art community.

With good wishes in your work and hope for a positive outcome for the Antique Theater

Jacques Valenta
Artistic Director

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