Letter from Associació Amics de l’Ateneu Santboià in support of the Antic Teatre project, 15/03/2020


Letter of support to Antic Teatre

We at the Friends of Ateneu Santboià Association would like to express our full support for our colleagues at Antic Teatre and all its surrounding community.

Property speculation in this country, most notably in the city of Barcelona, combined with the permanent precarity experienced by cultural projects evaluated on the basis of local market interests, fighting to resist being swallowed up by gentrification, are this time threatening Antic Teatre, a benchmark venue: an interdisciplinary and cross generational cultural centre that not only provides a cultural programme but also works on community cohesion, as important now as it has ever been.

We at Ateneu Santboià, having experienced at first hand the dynamics that commercialise each venue by prioritising its market value, will not remain impassive at the dispossession process to which we are constantly subjected. For this reason, we condemn increases in rent such as Antic Teatre is facing of four times the current level to reach the unspeakable sum of €7,500 per month as unacceptable for housing and unacceptable for cultural centres. We believe that a decent standard of living is more than mere survival; that it also needs places such as Antic Teatre where people can develop and create links outside of market interests. For this reason, we at Ateneu Santboià defend and will continue to defend the concept of rent controls as a necessary tool to prevent the property speculation that is making our neighbourhoods and towns uninhabitable.

In view of such speculation and the threat posed by the focus on tourism in the city of Barcelona’s metropolitan and surrounding areas, by gentrification and by the progressive dismantling of grassroots cultural projects:

Grassroots culture as a tool for social transformation and empowerment.


“Culture is the most revolutionary political option in the long term”

– Montserrat Roig –

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