June 9-12, 2022

Orientación Colectiva Loli

Personas escandalosas que no caben en el mundo

Thursday, June 9th at 8 pm
Friday, June 10th at 8 pm
Saturday, June 11th at 8 pm
Sunday, June 12th at 8 pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros OFFICE

Original concept and direction: Orientación Colectiva Loli

Group dramaturgy: Orientación Colectiva Loli

Outside eye: Gaia Bautista

Performer: Xavier Palomin Barbero, Núria Planes Llull and Agnès Jabbour Bosacoma

Set and stage design: Orientación Colectiva Loli

Wardrobe: Loli Barbero Flores

Movement: Orientación Colectiva Loli

Lighting design: Mario Andrés Gómez

Production: Orientación Colectiva Loli


Personas escandalosas que no caben en el mundo  is a Graeco-Roman bacchanal; my first great Britney Spears concert; all the judgements that throw stones before killing.

Personas escandalosas que no caben en el mundo tells the story of a boy, born in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Barcelona, who was homophobic before he was homosexual.

The piece is an interactive, almost museum-like device that takes place, in part, in non-conventional spaces of the theatre. The audience actively participate with the performers to create a personal and collective story using rigour, humour and sarcasm as well as new technologies, audiovisual media, live folk music, voguing and Graeco-Roman fanzines.

Orientación Colectiva Loli are Agnès Jabbour, Pino Steiner, Xavier Palomino and Núria Planes. The company emerged in 2020 with the aim of creating artistic material with culturally, socially and politically committed content, looking for new ways of imagining the stage and audience encounters.

Their performance work is based on physical theatre, new dramaturgies, history of art, audiovisual media, new technologies, rigour, humour and sarcasm. As a company, their operation methods are horizontal, feminist and cooperative, with a broad social perspective.

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