April 23rd 2022


Antic Teatre's 19th anniversary

Saturday, April 23rd from 11 am
Free entrance

Organized by: Antic Teatre, Arrebato Libros, Llibreria Calders, L’Horiginal, Llibreria On The Road

What would it be like if Antic didn’t exist? If it disappeared? If it wasn’t here?

What we do know for sure is that, as long as we keep having birthdays at the unique Verdaguer i Callis venue (which as things stand is still under threat given the current situation with the property lease) we’ll keep on celebrating. And we’re turning 19.

The party is a return of OFF Sant Jordi, this year accompanied by our friends and colleagues from Arrebato Libros (from Madrid), On The Road, the Calders bookshop and Horiginal. New and second-hand book stalls, book signings and events in the auditorium (in the evening).

Free entrance (up to maximum capacity) to the venue as well as to (almost) all the events. Check out the 


Antic Teatre garden, from 11am to 7pm

• BOOK STALLS. Arrebato Libros (featuring publishers Arrebato, El Naufraguito, Delirio, Belleza Infinita and Almacén de Análisis), Calders bookshop and On The Road bookshop with “Lo mercadet” (second hand books for sale, as well as felt dragons and flowers).



Calders authors:
[11am] Adrià Pujol, Giorgos Kallis, Yayo Herrero, Mireia SallarèsÇ
[12pm] Elisenda Solsona, Ferran Garcia, Roger Pelàez, Max Besora, Valentín Roma
[1pm] Chini, Horacio Altuna, Elenio Pico, Andrés Ehrenhaus


Arrebato authors:
[4 – 6pm] Ajo Micropoetisa, Xavier Theros and Javier Gallego ‘Crudo’

Calders authors:
[17:00] Laia Carbonell, Anna Pantinat, Maria Sevilla, Oriol Sauleda, Joan Josep Camacho Grau, David Caño
[6pm] Víctor Recort, Santiago Auserón, Albert Lladó, Amarillo Indio, Edgardo Dobry
[Writers with signing times to be confirmed] Ernesto Castro, Luna Miguel, Elizabeth Duval, Eloy Fernández Porta, Louise Chennevière, Pablo González.

Events in the auditorium from 6 pm to 9 pm

[6 pm] Presentation of Adriano Galante’s book and show MEDIANTE (brought to us by Arrebato Libros). Readings of extracts from the anthology and songs written for the event. With Andrea Soto Calderón, Javier Gallego ‘Crudo’, Martí Sales, Mònica Rovira and Manoli Mansilla. [+ info]
Reserve your seat here (free).

[7pm] Poetry readings from Josep Pedrals and Eduard Escoffet. Free entry up to maximum capacity.

[8 pm] Draco Terroris, poetry with projected images and music from Joan Josep Camacho Grau, Anna Pantinat, Oriol Saulea, Joan Teixidor and other monsters. Organised by Calders bookshop with Horiginal. [+ info]
Book your tickets (5€) here.


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