August 5th to 20th 2020

Verónica Navas Ramírez

La Ciudad


Concept and execution: Verónica Navas Ramírez
Technical co-ordination: Sergio Roca Saiz
Producer: Haizea Arrizabalaga

Technical support throughout (2019): Ventura L. Kalász

Projector stand construction: Elteatrillu

Thanks to: Salva Márquez, Cristina L. Morcuende, Nico Jongen, audio-visual services at the Barcelona Theatre Institute


“Oh, one more thing! This is the back entrance to The City (or an access from above, descending in freefall through a skylight). These are versions of a place seen, or heard, and then (re)constructed in pieces; a vague memory, an image. The City is everything that goes through the head of the person thinking it… in fits and starts. The City, therefore, is always, always, subjective, quite often subsidiary and, with luck, common to all.”

La Ciudad brings together nine spectators and one performer seated around a surface that could be identified as a table, but that soon becomes a screen; a common space for receiving, emitting and exchanging information. Thanks to a reduced number of spectators and the theatrical setting, La Ciudad provides an intimate environment from which to converse with the city outside, whether real or invented (it makes no difference). Entirely subjectively and with no attempt to generalise, we observe all the things the narrator and performer finds of interest: traces, details, prints… Everything that goes unnoticed, everything that is residual or secondary, everything that, on the face of it, holds no interest; everything that merits soft lighting and a subdued tone of voice.

During the residency at Antic Teatre, the team will continue to research the artistic and relational processes that gave rise to La Ciudad, with the aim of returning with the piece in October 2020 for Festival TNT – Terrassa Noves Tendències.

Verónica Navas Ramírez (Barcelona 1986): moving towards live arts with audiovisuals, writing and comics in my backpack. Focusing on the documentary side, the status of the spectator and relational aesthetics, site-specific work, field recordings, city-scapes, words. From a subjective perspective: traces, details, accessories, prints, intimacies. I’ve shared my performance work in contexts such as the temporada Alta festival in Latin America, Barcelona’s Grec Festival, Festival TNT – Terrassa Noves Tendències, Antic Teatre, and SÂLMON Festival, among others. Off the stage I work in and with theatrical communications, audiovisual scripts and collective processes of artistic accompaniment and learning in educational environments. On social networks I’m @dichodepaso.

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