Co-production 2015


Futuro animal

Duration: 60 min

Created by Twisting the Balance
Photography : Thomas Derderian

Human beings who live on the other side of the wall that separates us are voluntarily transforming their bodies into animals. The hippie and the ceremonies master Leire Mesa lead us to visualize a multidimensional place. In this place, animals as a metaphor and the processes of unhumanization of the current society are reflected in the silicone asses, the media walls that misinform, the exoduses and the broken woman as a symbol of human failure.

With critical humor, live music and the circus techniques of the Fixed Trapeze, the Vertical String and a “Pump Swing” as the surviving echo of the wars, the circus of Future Animal becomes a simple gesture of authentic approach to the other. … or as the Chinese proverb about the society of the spectacle says, in what we are, we see ourselves.

Leire Mesa, Basque Country 1987. Circus artist dedicated to creation, generator of actions and synergies for circus, theatre and numerous rebellions. The circus is her discipline as stage language and the Trapeze is her circus specialty. She has work up her body through dance and physical theater and is currently studying with Alexander Sasha Gavrilov to boost her vertical skills.Her beginnings in circus training at several non-academic places took her to perform and travel around the world. She cofounded the street circus-theatre company Atropecias in the Basque Country. She moved to Bristol to study at Circomedia official school. In England she worked with the Nofit State company in the show Bianco. And later, as a result of their collaboration with director Firenza Guidi, they worked together on her first solo show, I live. In 2015 she submitted Twisting the Balance, a dissertation as part of her work itinerary, research and methodology in a Master in New Performative Practice at Stockholm Doch university.

The project was born out of a need to twist her circus practice interacting with other artistic, social and political expressions.

She cofunded the company Twisting the Balance. She worked for the Cie Animal Religion in the show Sapiens Zoo , create the communitary project INK in Alby (Stockholm), and collaborate with the Political Circus show from Metro al Madina in Lebanon.

She recently completed a postgraduate degree at the University of KKH (Stockholm) in architecture / cities / utopias, creating the exhibition INK and the performative piece Witches, Bitches on the Beaches. At the same time she is working in the organization of the Encounter

Voz Láctea; Magdalena Tarahumara an as part of the artistic advice group of the organization of the festival Subcase in Stockholm.

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