28th September to 1st October 2023

Cia DebilEmmental

Ternura y Chocolate

Thursday, 28th September at 8 pm
Friday, 29th September at 8 pm
Saturday, 30th September at 8 pm
Sunday, 1st October at 8 pm
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Cofounders, creators and performers: Mariano Rocco and Tom Collin.
Sound and lighting technician: Paolo Danesi.
Outside eye dramaturgy: Morgan Cosner, Pablo Molina.
Outside eye acrobatics: Mickaël Le Guen, Maël Tebibi.

Coproduction: La Central del Circ, Dynamo Workspace for Arts and Circus.

Collaborators: FiCHO, Teatro Mandril, Teatro del Perro, Cronopis, CREAT, Le 734, Teatro Barbaro, At.Tension festival, Company ISH, Salo festival, Kabarouf, Feral Fest, Jackson Lane, Circomedia, Burnt Out Punks.




It’s his birthday. A solitary man waits anxiously for his guests to arrive, but no one seems to be turning up. The balloons have been blown up, the candles lit, everything’s ready for the party. It’s just a case of opening the fridge… Ternura y Chocolate is a darkly comic thriller, unusually funny, that explains a complicated and mysterious relationship by means of a non-consecutive narration. Two characters face up to love, violence, nostalgia and, above all, their own loneliness, obsessed by ghosts of the past and the poignant ravings of their own imaginations. The play between beauty and the bizarre, poetry and the revolting, what’s correct and what’s unacceptable provides the material for the singular atmosphere enveloping this piece.

DébilEmmental is an up-and-coming company that emerged in 2017 from the artistic and human collaboration between Mariano Rocco and Tom Collin. Their work together actually began in 2015 while they trained in their professions at the Centre des arts du cirque du Lido-ESACTO in Toulouse.
In March 2019 they presented the first version of their 35-minute show, which they then toured round Europe and Latin America for five months. In 2021 they premiered Ternura y Chocolate at La Central del Circ. In the pipeline for a 2024 premiere is their new piece, Cookie: do you accept the terms and conditions? with the addition of Paolo Danesi as a performer.

Ville Saarikoski
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