June 17 & 18

Søren Evinson and 4th year pupils from Institut Montserrat secondary school

Pre-Púber – Púber – No Púber

discus- sion
Wednesday, June 17th at 1pm
Thursday, June 18th at 1pm
Duration: 75 min
Free entrance

live streaming

Fourth year Latin students from Institut Montserrat secondary school and their teacher, Noemí Peidro

4th year students
Flaminia Jhane Abanilla Bautista, Aina Arqué Mauri, Roland Doncel Groot, Ingrid Estorch Hernández, Nora Clara Fité Carrillo, Judith Frias Márquez, Júlia Gómez Westermeyer, Ferran Martínez Cavallé, Carlota Ormad Fernández, Nil Oró Martí, Lara Parés Reig, David Peña Segura, Mercè Prats Alemany, Gael Toledo Sagaute and Clàudia Urban García 

Assumpta Durà and Noemí Peidró

Curatorship and coordination
Antic Teatre

Institut de Cultura Barcelona
Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona






The 4th year students from Institut Monserrat secondary school have combined forces with Søren Evinson at Antic Teatre and organised a series of debates about exhibition, the body, words, autonomy, compulsion, difficulties, sex, uncertainty, pleasure, dissent, and other matters that have arisen during their weekly encounters over the academic year.

The debates will take place on 17 and 18 June. After the first session, the group will get together to discuss what subjects to tackle on the second day and how best to approach them.

Søren Evinson is a Barcelona-born artist whose work uses the body, text, and space to generate situations that speculate with reality. He has created projects in a variety of formats that have been presented in theatres, dance and performance festivals, galleries, public squares, and abandoned buildings. His approach to his work is chaotic and the process of subjecting it to form make his task of creation complex, intuitive, and multi-layered.
His work is intense and exuberant, challenging spectators to doubt what is unfolded in front of them. He is fascinated by the urgency of art, and uses his performance work to put forward something that can be established as an event in the deepest sense: nothing is the same afterwards, and during the performance it is impossible to ignore what is going on. The complexity of the background to his pieces is mixed with direct forms of expression, using the body and words. He juggles elements from installations in which sound, text, bodies, and space interact, creating live organisms.

Institut Montserrat was established in 1941 in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. In 1948 it moved premises to a villa in Copernicus street, where the current edifices were built, with a few subsequent modifications and extensions. The institute has kept the villa’s garden, a beautiful green space full of a wide range of plants, hidden in the middle of a busy and densely populated area.

Since 2009, ICUB and CEB have been developing Creadors EN RESiDÈNCIA in Barcelona’s secondary schools. The programme introduces contemporary creation to public secondary schools by means of direct and continuous contact between creator and students. This is Antic Teatre’s third year as mediating team. For the 2017-2018 academic year, artist Mariona Naudin worked together with students from Besòs secondary school, and the process culminated in a public showing of performance piece Lo que nos quita el sueño (Antic Teatre, June 2018). For the 2018-19 season, Azkona&Toloza joined forces with 4th year students from Institut Pau Claris and put on performance piece #19 (Antic Teatre, June 2019).

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