Co-production 2015

Carles Casallachs

SNDO (Amsterdam) >>> Antic Teatre

Duration: 30 min

Workshop outcome presentation by Carles Casallachs

For this session, Carles Casallachs will be presenting a sample of his working methodology for research into the creative processes of choreography.
Both the Research space and the stage itself will become points in time for the intersection of a multitude of performance ambitions: a first time; a manifesto; an opportunity; an imagined texture; a declaration of intent; a pending matter; a soundscape of poetry. This intentional reappropriation of ambitions that are foreign to me as creator, this assemblage of ideologies, will become a major part of the choreographic material. Everything ready-made, thanks to the workshop participants. This working methodology, not unlike group therapy, will act as the research mechanism to provide critical, judgemental, while not exclusive thought a place in which to manifest.
My idea is of a mildly sadistic gesture that attempts to question and show up first impressions, empathy, identities, dialogues, and diverse prejudices and compassions.
On the 29th of January, Antic Teatre’s stage will be the setting for the results of the first joint sessions.

Born in 1985, his interest, training and practice in performance arts began in Barcelona with ballroom and Latin dancing, flamenco, jazz, musical comedy, mime, street theatre and classical dance. He continued in Madrid at the Conservatory of Contemporary Dance and from there went to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he obtained a degree in Dance and Choreography from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). At the same time, in the field of visual arts he studied Photography and Digital Creation at Barcelona’s UPC. His most recent work, What a Hard Project, represents a year of theatre and dance in the streets and festivals of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
His training, his interests and his ideologies are a heterogeneous mix which he tries to bring together and understand by means of his visual and performative work, in relation to different types of audience and also through collaborations with others.
His choreographic work has been shown at theatres and festivals in Catalonia, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, and the UK.


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