Dansa Metropolitana festival
14-17 March 2024

Sara Manubens


Thursday, 14th March at 8 pm
+ after-show with the artist, Iris Torruella, Feña Celedon and Bruna Kury

Friday, 15th March at 8 pm

Saturday, 16th March at 8 pm

Sunday, 17th March at 8 pm
Languages: spanish
Duration: 50 minutes
Recommended age: +16 years old
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros TAQUILLA
Contact via lasaramanubens@gmail.com or on Instagram at


Concept, choreography and production: Sara Manubens
Lightning design and technical functions: Manoly Rubio
Artistic collaboration: Feña Celedon
Costumes collaboration: Hanna Tervonen
Publication collaboration: Bruna Kury

Mediation support: Espai Jove Palau Alòs i Casal de Barri Congrés-Indians
Residencies: El Canal, La Poderosa and Festival Linha de Fuga (PT)
Production and premiere: Antic Teatre







This show is part of the Dansa Metropolitana festival being held from 1 to 17 March in twelve municipalities of the Metropolitan Area. More information at: www.dansametropolitana.cat


Symphony of the Seas is a pathetically unstable transvestite rehearsing a great scandal. Treading the line between reality and fiction, Symphony surrenders her body to her ultimate fantasies, creating melodramatic and viscerally charged scenes: to thrill is an act of dissidence. Symphony is a body that transitions in its own hysteria while promising a great show that never arrives.
Symphony of the Seas is a study in the construction of language with hybrid tools that come from dance and performance as well as from transvestite practice and identity; an emotional study of the love and violence that the trans-female body receives.

Sara Manubens. Artist, choreographer and transvestite in Barcelona. Master in Stage Practice and Visual Culture (Museo Reina Sofía, ARTEA group). Her work moves between site-specific, performance and dance and focuses on trans-corporality and its impact on reality. She engages with transvestite practice and identity from a critical and experimental point of view. She has been developing her own research projects since 2015.
She has designed and carried out educational projects for institutional programmes and public schools, including DRAG KIDS (2020) and TEEN HORROR (2023). She has worked as a performer with Cuqui Jerez, Aimar Pérez Galí, Idoia Zabaleta. She writes critical reviews about dance and performance for the Mercat de les Flors blog.

Imatge: Rafael Frasao
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