Co-production 2015

Sandra Navarro

Tongue and groove

Languages: New drama
Duration: 40 min

Created and performed by Sandra Navarro
Artistic accompaniment: Gabriela Marsal, Leila Barenboim ( Mika Project)
Sound design consultant: Yolanda Uriz
Photography: Víctor Basco

In collaboration with Espai Jove Boca Nord and with the support of la casa d’oficis de l’espectacle (projecte “Treball als barris”)

Tongue and Groove is a piece in process of constant (de)composition. The idea emerged from the possibility of creating a piece with the minimum possible budget using recycled material and where production times do not condition the process.

The presentation that you are going to see is the result of the third phase, where I investigate the subject of identity and research atmospheres or sounds, and in which I collaborate with sound artist Yolanda Uriz.

Sandra Navarro choreographer and actress, works with various artistic disciplines, from video creation to set design and production. She collaborates with different national and international artists such as Marina Mascarell, Núria Font (who produces Rooom), Karin Du Croo and Violeta Marsans and together with them received the award for best actress at the 15X15 Festival, Melbourne. Since 2004 she has been practicing different meditation techniques and martial arts including Qi Gong, judo (black belt) and reiki. In 2014 she was granted a scholarship to be trained in Suzuki and Viewpoints with the SITI Company in NY. She currently develops and runs workshops which bring together dance and meditation.


>>> Watch Sandra Navarro Tongue and groove (full show)

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