Co-production 2014

Sachiko Fullita


Duration: 40 min

Idea, Creation and Interpretation: Sachiko Fullita
Direction: Diego Anido y Sachiko Fullita
Music composition andDidgireedoo: Matthias Schmal-filius i Pablo Sandoval
Lightning design: Carlos Benito
Wardrobe: Anna Gas

Co-production: Antic Teatre / Adriantic

A woman journeys towards death and her memory brings up other journeys. Her gaze turns inwards to the map created by the path she has taken. Did she choose it or was it chosen for her? A body soaked in its surroundings and its trajectories tries to divest itself of what it has accumulated in order to travel the final road.

Recorrido(s) emerges from thinking about our own process of construction and about impermanence. “To embrace difference in all its power means conquering fear of death. Accepting the death of who you were in order to become someone else”. (M. Sorín)

Sachiko Fullita is a dancer and creator. She holds a BA in Performing Arts from “Pontificia Universidad Catolica” of Peru (Lima). She began her career as performer and creator in Lima in 2000. In 2003 she started to create her own works with Suspension, ChicaPerú (2005), and Sachiko Ex-Puesta (2006)
In 2007 she moved to Barcelona, since when she has collaborated with Kònic Thtr as a dancer. In 2012 she focused once again on her solo creative projects, beginning with Recorrido(s) but due to a second pregnancy, maternity leave and various other unexpected events the premiere had to be postponed until now.


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