First Tuesday of every month


Seal off my sphincter


February 6th, March 6th, April 3rd,
May 8th, June 5th & July 3rd

at 21:00
Duration: 45 min
Tickets: 5 euros

Roger Pelàez talks, sings and uses various soothsaying and psychological practices to create an atmosphere of insanity in the theatre.

Having spent five years touring Catalonia with his show Roger Pelàez sings SAU he has renewed his energy and his repertoire and is back at the charge as if people weren’t already completely fed up of him.
More emotions.
More insults.
More vicarious humiliations.
More tense scenes of fortune telling, telekinesis and possessed prophecies.

Roger Pelàez: precínteme el esfínter is the show everyone is talking about but no one has yet seen. In its entirety, at any rate. With the help of two peppers in the role of tropical pineapples and an orange squeezer acting as the energetic force of the sun, Roger Pelàez creates a show that modern people can understand and conservative people can feel comfortable with, set to a background of nativity scene playground protest which is, at the very least, decorative. A number of progressive types have shown an interest. Such as, for example, one of Saramanch’s sons. So too have writers of risk-taking, committed and tongue-twisting literature. Such as: Quim Monzó. Also, film makers from Girona of the kind that exist so that Girona can also play a part in the flowery garden of Catalan culture. For example: that guy who went to see the documentary and you know who I mean and I can’t remember his name. He looks like Màrius Serra but he isn’t Màrius Serra.

Friends, repeat this mantra:
This democracy is like a pair of scissors I have at home, that work perfectly as long as you DON’T have to use them.

Roger Pelàez is a crude comics artist, a rude radio dj and a singer of great vulgarity.
He has been trying to transcend his own death for years by following one single rule: making the least possible effort in each and every one of those disciplines.
Will he manage it? Won’t he manage it?
Whatever the result of this grotesque competition, let’s enjoy the spectacle of watching him while we can.

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