May 2 & 3



Saturday, May 2nd at 8pm
Sunday, May 3rd at 8pm
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX

Author, director and performer: Raquel Gualtero
Author and musical performer: Rodrigo Rammsy
Lighting design: Arnau Sala
Sound and movement accompaniment: Sonia Gómez
Photography: Marga Parés

Co-produced with: Dansa. Quinzena Metropolitana

With support from:  Sala Hiroshima, Rocaumbert f.a., Barceloneta Civic Centre, SAT!, Danza Canal and El Graner

Thanks to: Amaranta Velarde, Telemann Rec, Txiki Berraondo, Lipi Hernandez and Karolina Szymura


In the sequence of the measures approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya derived from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus,Antic Teatre – Espai de Creació postpone AMARO until new warning.

AMARO, a piece of body research focused on the crescendo and the capacity to transform. The piece is constructed with abstract movements, the use of a fixed point, and the concept of limits, showing us the different shapes and dynamics that can be adopted by one body.
The work of musician Rodrigo Rammsy, also on stage, along with Arnau Sala’s powerful lighting solutions, are essential to the performance, constructing a mindful dialogue between the three layers of expression all working in unison.
The piece invites us to change as it does, following its progression towards an intense final catharsis.
AMARO is a relentless trip, an overdose of movement, music and light, and a hypnotic sensory experience.

Raquel Gualtero Soriano graduated in Contemporary Dance from MTD – Theaterschool / Higher School of Arts, Amsterdam, in 2005, and a year later received a danceWEB grant for the ImpulsTanz festival in Vienna.

Her earliest work as a dancer was with various international companies, including Scottish Dance Theatre (Scotland), Compagnia Zappala (Italy) and Fabulous Beast (England), and she also had the chance to work with Àngels Margarit and Àlex Rigola, contemporary Catalan directors. Settled in Barcelona since 2015, she has been able to join forces with other professionals such as Pere Faura, Sonia Gómez, Janet Novas and Lipi Hernández, collaborating and working on projects with them.

Her debut as an author was in 2005 with Blanco, part of the renowned ITs Festival Amsterdam, while her work Persona won the Injuve 2011 award for young creators. Brut y Nuà complete her repertoire as choreographer, and are her first long pieces. She has been working on Amaro since 2019.

Rodrigo Rammsy has studied music and has a Masters in Sound, and has developed his career in the fields of music production, live sound, and shows, in addition to performing as a musician.

He has created music for advertisments in film, radio, and TV, and has taken part in various projects linked to the world of independent rock both in Santiago de Chile and Barcelona. During his residency in the latter city he has written music for soundscapes and performance arts, producing work for Raquel Gualtero, Les Filles Follen, and Azkona&Toloza among others.

He has also produced his own musical projects, which include Mota, VS, Ratpenat, Los Remedios, and his solo Rammsy project. He recently inaugurated electronic music label Stansa in collaboration with DJ Isa·Bel. As a PA engineer and sound technician he has worked on gigs and tours with Javiera Mena, Dënver Gepe, Familea Miranda, and Perrosky, among others. He has been part of the artist technical team at festivals such as Primavera Sound and Sonar.

Arnau Sala Maestro studied audiovisuals at the Huesca Ramón y Cajal Institute. In the same city he created all manner of audiovisual shows with the Rampa Huesca firm. He has toured with artists such as David Bustamante, Carlos Baute, and Nena Daconte, and he has been stage manager at festivals including Primavera Sound, Tremendo Pop, and Monsters of Rock. He was also resident technician at the Olimpia Theatre and at the Huesca Auditorium. His main work consists of national music tours, music festivals, fashion shows, television award ceremonies, theatre, sporting events, and adverts.

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