February 22 to 25


La bellesa

Community arts project
Thursday 22 February at 9pm.
Friday 23 February at 9pm.
Saturday 24 February at 9pm.
Sunday 25 February at 8pm.

Saturday 24th - Talk about the show, coordinated by Agost Produccions.
Duration: 70 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros BOX OFFICE

Devised and performed by: Graciela Alonso, María Isabel Gutiérrez, Emilia Martín, Aurora Roig and Abel Montes, Guillem Sunyer (students from the El Timbal school).
Video reporting and audio-visual design: Martín Elena
Lighting design: Ana Rovira
Music: Jan Hofmann / Juan Navarro / Santiago Maravilla and DeModa
Costumes: Anna Estany (Annatrash)
Theory consultant and screened interview: Maria Jesús Izquierdo.
New participants and performers in La Bellesa: Mercè, Jonathan and Enric.
Fotography: Alessia Bombaci

Directed by: Marta Galán / TRANSlab in collaboration with Nicolas Spinosa

Co-produced by Antic Teatre and GREC Festival Barcelona

With collaboration from La Bonne (Francesca Bonnemaison Women’s Cultural Centre), Vrabac Atellier, Sant Agustí Convent Civic Centre and the support of the District of Ciutat Vella (Barcelona City Council)



It couldn’t be any other way: we have explored the concept of beauty with them, and set it out in relation to their bodies, rich in years, and their perceptive minds that contain the simmering history of determined caring; the vital memories of working women, mothers, daughters, that are bypassed by the official accounts. This has been the basis of our working process: exploring this beauty and making it shine through different actions, images and texts. They say that beauty is what moves us as it happens: a place where the eye can rest because it understands and breathes, a revealing instant.

Author and director Marta Galán has taken over the community arts project with our local Casc Antic residents that Antic Teatre has been running for more than five years and now presents, together with the participants, an initial stage of the work they are doing.

Antic Teatre‘s community arts project in the neighbourhood consists of dance and movement workshops for older people and a series of public performances over the year. This provides access to the language and artistic expression of dance with the accompanying benefits that this has in terms of social inclusion and cohesion. At the same time, we create awareness of the needs and methods of expression of the least visible members of our community – the elderly.
Also included in the project are various activities designed to encourage relations across the generational divide, between the eldest and youngest residents of our neighbourhood. 

Marta Galán is an artist-educator, author and director of stage projects since 1999. In 2009 she set up the TRANSlab project, from where she co-ordinates various teaching and collective or community creation processes using performance and theatrical arts.

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