Antic Production 2017

Antic Teatre's community arts project with LOCAL RESIDENTS

La Bellesa

Duration: 90

Devised and performed by: Graciela Alonso, María Isabel Gutiérrez, Emilia Martín, Aurora Roig and Abel Montes, Guillem Sunyer
Video reporting and audio-visual design: Martín Elena
Lighting design: Ana Rovira
Music: Jan Hofmann / Juan Navarro / Santiago Maravilla and DeModa
Costumes: Anna Estany (Annatrash)
Theory consultant and screened interview: Maria Jesús Izquierdo.
New participants and performers in La Bellesa: Mercè, Jonathan and Enric.
Directed by: Marta Galán / TRANSlab in collaboration with Nicolas Spinosa

Co-produced by Antic Teatre and GREC Festival Barcelona

With collaboration from La Bonne (Francesca Bonnemaison Women’s Cultural Centre), Vrabac Atellier, Sant Agustí Convent Civic Centre and the support of the District of Ciutat Vella (Barcelona City Council)

It couldn’t be any other way: by popular demand, La Bellesa, the community arts project created by Antic Teatre, is back.
“We explored the idea of beauty with them, and we placed it in relation to their bodies, pregnant with time, and with their attentive minds in which the common history of tenacious care seethes; the indispensable memories of women   workers, mothers and daughters that official records pass by. This has been our working process: to explore the beauty and allow it to emerge using a variety of actions, images and texts. It is said that beauty is found in that which  moves us; that it is a place where the eye can rest because it understands and breathes; an instant of revelation.”

Directed by Marta Galán, the piece premiered as part of Antic Teatre’s programme within Festival Grec 2017, and went on to take part in the 3rd Forum of Applied Performance Arts (November 2017, Institut del Teatre, Barcelona) and the 10th Seminar on Social Inclusion and Education in Performance Arts (May 2018, Valle-Inclán Theatre – National Drama Centre, Madrid).

Antic Teatre’s community arts project, focused on senior local residents, provides a weekly three-hour session in which, using dance, text creation, action and performance, the potential for artistic creativity is made available to a sector of the population not usually considered for this kind of work, while at the same time encouraging social cohesion.  The needs and forms of expression of the older generation in our neighbourhood, a sector threatened by gentrification, are brought to the fore. The project also includes activities aimed at promoting inter-generational communication between older and younger residents. The creative process leading to a new performance is currently  under way, in collaboration with a group of senior citizens from Eindhoven (Teatre Parks).

Marta Galán is an artist and educator, author and director of performance projects since 1999. In 2009 she started up TRANSlab, through which she co-ordinates a range of teaching and collective community creation projects using performance arts.


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