July 18th 2020

Chini, Roger Pelàez
& Daniel Ausente

Book presentation:
Jordi, el Mosso d’Esquadra Sensible

Saturday, July 18th at 12am
Duration: 120 min
Free entrance

Free (prior reservations via the Facebook page of La Fuga Ediciones)

Presenter: Daniel Ausente
Author: Chini
Guest artist: Roger Pelàez

Organised by Llibreria Calders, Antic Teatre and La Fuga Ediciones


In the sequence of the measures approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya derived from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus,Antic Teatre – Espai de Creació postpone Jordi el Mosso d’Esquadra Sensible book launch.

Book presentation and signing for Jordi el Mosso d’Esquadra Sensible. It was around 2013 when Jordi, a Mosso d’Esquadra (member of the autonomous Catalan police force) was born from the pen of Chini (YOU ARE SO OVERRATED). Jordi lives with his mother, is spoilt by his Auntie Encarna, is a fan of Amaral and Sant Esteve canelloni, fuet, Spongebob Squarepants and any film with Van Damme in it. With the financial crisis in full swing and to the death throes of the 15M movement, the strip emerged as the satire of a police force with no visible face and whose methods of violent repression were routine. A vision of daily life and the events that have characterised Catalan social and political life over the past few years.

Chini is an illustrator, art director, filmmaker and video designer for theatre and opera. Born in Buenos Aires, he has lived and worked in Barcelona for the past 20 years where he’s known under the alias YOU ARE SO OVERRATED. He has created comic strips Jordi el Mosso d’Esquadra Sensible and Wonderful things happen during the short life of a fly. He has been published in Mongolia and La Directa magazines and is a collaborator on fanzine Cor Pelut. As a director he has made video clips for Mueran Hermanos, Hans Laguna, Les Sueques and Amaral. He and Pablo Schvarzman (Seward) have an improv music and illustration group, Luz Mala. He has published a photography volume, Melancolía, (2001), and the illustrations for Cucciollo Encatenati (2007).

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