Festival INFLUX 2022
[vídeo a escena]
November 10th, 2022

Núria Andorrà


Thursday, November 10th at 8pm

Buy 3 tickets for 3 different shows for only 30 euros
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Music and concept: Núria Andorrà
Videos: Jordi Plana y Ricard Vives
Electronica design: Josep M. Comajuncosas
Photography: Jordi Plana
Outside eye: Marga Socias



Having inherited some cowbells and listened to her artistic needs, she decided to embark on her second solo piece.

Nu.A is a show in which she divests herself of her instruments and reaches for day-to-day objects with the aim of revisiting her roots. Moving inwards to transmit outwards. From the simple to the complex. From the ancient to the modern. A work of listening and reflecting. A robust yet simple treatment of sound filtered through electronica and including prerecorded and acoustic soundscapes that interact with images in real time.

Núria Andorrà, trained in classical and contemporary music, continues to drink from other sources of inspiration. She introduces us to a universe where images, sound and  body come together to transmit the same emotions at the same level in her multidisciplinary creations. She has received the Alícia Award to interdisciplinarity from the Catalan Academy of Music, the Special Zirkòlika Award 2020 and the Puig Porret Award from Vic’s Live Music Fair, 2019.

HABITUAL VIDEO TEAM is a non-profit association formed by Lis Costa and Josep M. Jordana, that has as its main objective the promotion of activities related to the visual arts, specifically, video art: www.habitualvideoteam.org.

A fundamental area of their work is the organisation of festivals, cycles and video shows, such as the FLUX Video Auteur Festival: www.fluxfestival.org, and the INFLUX Audiovisual Performing Arts Festival: www.influxfestival.org.

Another area of Habitual Video Team’s activity is video documentation of cultural events mainly related to experimental music and poetry performances. In 2012 they launched the SUMMA project in order to convert this audiovisual heritage (more than 1000 recordings) into a non-profit online video archive: www.summa-hvt.org.

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