May 10th to 13th


2duos X2

Thursday 10th May at 8pm
Friday 11th May at 8pm
Saturday 12th May at 8pm
Sunday 13th May at 8pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros BOX OFFICE

Julyen Hamilton: dance

Manel Salas: dance

Núria Andorrà: percussion

Percussionist Núria Andorrà returns to her work in Solo, recreating her circular set and the materials used in her last concert, to face dancers Julyen Hamilton (May 10 and 11) and Manel Salas (May 12 and 13) who will release her from her usual structures and allow her to explore a new world where she becomes reflected in dance.

The artists present a pair of duets that take up the challenge of creating a dance piece in real time on two consecutive days, encouraging the audience to explore and uncover the secrets of artistic interaction and taking a journey to the present where all the elements of the here and now intervene in the creation process. This is why the session is repeated: the artists encourage the audience to dare to repeat, just as they are doing, and so become an active element of the creation.

10th and 11th May Julyen Hamilton meets Núria Andorrà

Julyen Hamilton. Has been making and performing dance for over 40 years. He is an inveterate improviser and his dancing and text work have been seen all over the world. He is director of the Julyen Hamilton company, Allen’s Line. He has played with many great musicians over the years, including Barre Phillips, Fred Frith and Micha Mengelberg.

His latest in a long line of solos, Interview, is showing in the Czech Republic this autumn.

His work can be found on Vimeo and is sold via his label Bluedog

He also works as pianist performing with Hamilton Carroll, who have just released their first album, Pointer.

12th and 13th May Manel Salas meets Núria Andorrà

Manel Salas Palau (Barcelona 1980). After studying Physical Education he began his career as a dancer, teacher and Hip-hop choreographer. His interest in dance brought him to study mime, Butoh, acrobatics and improvisation. In 2008 he received a BA in contemporary dance at Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Conservatory.

Since then he has been teaching and dancing with different companies, projects and choreographers around the world, such as Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano, Angels Margarit, Arno Schuitemaker, Edita Braun, Cobosmika company, Ramon Oller, Vloeistof, Jasmine Morand, Color Company, etc. He currently lives between Switzerland, Spain and Holland teaching internationally, collaborating with other artists and developing his own work, which has been toured in China, Russia, the Netherlands, France and Spain.

Núria Andorrà is a percussionist and improviser.

She has a degree in percussion from Esmuc, and later studied at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe (Germany), where she obtained the title of DKA and master in contemporary music. Her main collaborations are with contemporary music groups Icarus Ensemble, Abstrai Ensemble, Barcelona 216, Kammart, Patschwork Ensemble. She also works with Carles Santos, Hèctor Parra, Matmos and other interdisciplinary projects.

She has played with Agustí Fernández, Le Quan Nihn, Ingar Zahr, Mats Gustafsson, Pablo Ledesma, Nate Wooley, Frances-Marie Uitti, Joe Morris, Ramon Prats, Tom Chant, Johannes Nästesjö, Nenad Markovic, Joachim Badenhorst, Yasmine Azaiez, Anne-liis Poll, Nuno Rebelo, Irene Aranda, Marc Vilanova, Alessandra Rombolà, as well as with dancers Manel Salas, Constanza Brncic, Iris Heitzinger, Julyen Hamilton and Paolo Cingolani.

She has taught at Esmuc, the Liceo Conservatory and the Reus Conservatory.

She is artistic director of the MontMusic Festival, and progammer for the Ateneu Barcelonés, Ex-designer and Ateneu de les Arts.

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