4-7 July 2024
L'Antic al GREC

Nina Orsini

CAÍN loops i did it again

Thursday, 4th July at 8 pm
Friday, 5th July at 8 pm
Saturday, 6th July at 8 pm
Sunday, 7th July at 8 pm
Languages: catalan
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended age: +18 years old
Warning: The show contains images and references that may hurt sensitivities
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Concept and direction: Nina Orsini
Body and voice: Enric Lizano
Structure and text: Eduard Olesti
Movement and set: Quim Palmada Belda
Landscape and technicals: Rita Capella i Margarit
Production: Nina Orsini

A Nina Orsini co-production with Antic Teatre for Festival Grec 2024
With support from the Agita Figueres Grant
Resident company at Nau Ivanow


IG: @norsinina  @ratitatortita  @quim______  @eduard.olesti  @enriclizano
@anticteatre @grecfestivalbcn @figueresaescena_ @nauivanow


CAÍN is a ‘neotrash’ piece featuring the body, words and movement of a single performer on stage. It’s an arrogant rant on frustration, creation and Redbull.

Cain is a symbol that mocks self-fiction. Using the legend as a starting point, questions are asked about the relation between ancestrality (tragedy, theatre, repetition) and contemporaneity (‘trashedy’, performance, washing machines).

Evil structures the world; pain is the cudgel of power. If there is no talking, violence is perpetuated. Tears and laughter are two sides of a single phenomenon: understanding, that is, communication, that is, contagion. Fleeing solitude is a public and, at the same time, intimate act. We want to stop feeling so lonely.

Nina Orsini arises from the remains of trashèdia AP-7, a theatre company formed between hell and the motorway that attempted to tense the aesthetics of the stage in order to apply a sharp knife to the spectator’s gaze.

In the company of Rita Capella i Margarit, Quim Palmada Belda and Eduard Olesti, Nina Orsini is this: an unexploded bomb on the motorway between Barcelona and Fortià, like a corpse smoking a cigarette while waiting for the dawn.


Imatge: Víctor Colomer Cavallari
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