At 00:30 on New Year's Eve

Antic Teatre 2017 NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY

The night of December 31st 2016
through to January 1st 2017
From 00:30 onwards
Tickets: ADVANCED: 20 euros (drink included) (Sell: at Antic Teatre BAR) AT THE BOX OFFICE, DURING THE PARTY: 25 euros (drink not included)



Carles López (VChavales)

Dj Baroxmix (Piatto Forte)

Spy Dj (Electroclub)


Gabriel Lecup

Melanie Wifi


This 31st of December Barcelona will groove to the beat of electronic music in Antic Teatre, at the hands of Dj Carles López (VChavales), Dj Baroxmix (Piatto Forte) and Spy Dj (Electroclub), accompanied with visual sessions by Gabriel Lecup and Melanie Wifi visuals. This is the 14th edition of our mythical New Year’s Eve party.

Just as in previous years, Antic Teatre’s club night is selected by many as the best option to bring in the New Year in the very heart of Barcelona (Casc Antic/Born area) at a reasonable price (tickets 20€).

Antic Teatre´s electronica extravaganza will run from half past midnight until dawn, with electro-experimental, techno-electro, underground and funky electro sounds and unique visual sessions. As well as a dance hall with Dj set and bar, the space has a large garden terrace.

Carles López aka Carlazz

Barcelona-born musician, producer and DJ Carlazz has performed in over 40 countries at all kinds of events including clubs and festivals: Sónar (Barcelona, New York), Sziget Festival-(Budapest), Ars Electronica (Linz), Microwave Festival (Hong Kong), Big Day Out (Sydney), Red Bull Academy (Oporto), Ushuaia Beach Club (Ibiza) and at the MTV Awards / EMA Europe 2011 (Belfast). He has composed music for Alejandro González Iñarritu (Babel, Amores Perros), Sol Picó Cía de Danza, Antúnez and Sergi Faustino.

He is part of Reactable Systems, working on the development of Reactable and, as its main musician, performing on the instrument all over the world. Carles has also contributed to the creation of Samplr, a cutting-edge musical instrument designed for iPad, as consultant during the development and production of demo sounds and music. → →


Resident in Berlín. A variety of influences assimilated are reflected in the eclectic DJ sets, which include disco, downtempo, lounge music funky electro beats, re edits and Italian disco. Together with Marek Barath he started DUPLIKAT RECORDS (2003).

A year later he opened a record store named Piatto Forte, which became a sort of melting pot for local musicians and newcomers in Berlin offering live performances inside the shop, creating a platform for different artists and extending the network with the aim to promote and improve underground and experimental music. It wasn’t by chance that years later he became involved with a theatre from Barcelona called Antic Teatre and since 2007 he’s been organising a Festival linking the 2 Cities better known as B2B. →

Spy DJ

There is a man who fight for put the Barcelona electro movement in a good place since year 2001. Since then he don’t stop to work for his passion. Playing in lots of clubs, owning parties and doing music. His collective has transformed in a record label in 2014.

His set at the Krake Festival in Berlin – as part of the B2B exchange of electronica musicians between Berlin and Barcelona – left no doubt that his sessions are high on adrenalin and energy. The audience and the event’s organisers alike were more than satisfied with his electro and breaks charged set complemented with doses of techno. → → → → →

Gabriel Lecup

Gabriel Lecup has been taking the best dance floors and parties by storm since 2012 with his crude, critical and radically experimental videos. He programmes IT systems and graphic processes live, integrating live-coding, improvisation and chance in an intimate interaction with musicians and dancers. His pixel-mixer mashes up archive footage, political propaganda, adverts, video games, new-age mandalas, youtubisms, iphoneisms, exotic rituals, retro-eroticisms, and other beautiful discards of today’s (2016) and tomorrow’s (2017) visual bombardments. He floods our retinas and saturates our pupils with exquisite and schizophrenic corpses that allude to ultra-local and extra-universal referents, innumerable, unnameable and untameable: happy new year! →

Melanie Wifi

Melanie Wifi are the alter egos of Carolina Cabrerizo, a visual artist who draws from various disciplines to create her work (video, collage, slides, sound art, interventions, found footage and performance.) Her video creations are a visual drift of suggestive atmospheres and landscapes that show us a chaotic and dreamlike world, full of poetic irrationality.

As Mademoiselle Oui Oui or Melanie Wifi she has worked with a variety of plastic artists, musicians, DJs and theatre and dance companies, either creating live visuals or providing video art work.
She is currently collaborating on the creation of videos for El Pressentiment‘s philosophical project “microvideos”; working on research and development for audiovisual project Hypnagogia together with musician Carles López; creating visuals for Imaginart‘s “Baboo Experience”; elaborating new video creations for singer Miss Q and as VJ in different Barcelona venues. → →

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