Co-production 2015

Natalia Jiménez Gallardo & Nazario Díaz

Júbilo + Tranformando mi cotidianeidad en pos de la búsqueda del oro

31 December
Duration: 55min + 60 min

JÚBILO ( Proyecto conjugaciones) – Natalia Jiménez
Directed and performed by: Natalia Jiménez
Dramaturgy and research: Jorge Gallardo
Anthropology and creation: Leticia.S.Moy
Video process: Pep Duran Muntada
Lighting design: Joana Serra, Carlos Ferre
Musical collaboration: Alex Catona
Video and photography: Tristán Perez

With support received in 2014 from: L’Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural (OSIC) in Catalonia, live arts creation factory L’ Estruch, Sabadell and Comune de Serrenti in Cerdeña, Italia

Transformando mi cotidianidad en pos de la búsqueda del oro – Nazario Díaz. VÉRTEBRO
An idea by Nazario Díaz
With creative input from Jorge Gallardo
Performance based on: Oro. Petróleo. Escarcha ¿Y si ya no vuelvo a ser la misma persona?
Created by Vértebro

JÚBILO ( Proyecto conjugaciones) – Natalia Jiménez
In Júbilo, performer and choreographer Natalia Jiménez constructs a permanent dialogue with the moment of action. In her own particular language, body and words share a role in the performance act interacting with the audience. The narrative of the body re-establishes itself constantly by mobilising thought; we see it changing in its practice of being present, tying in with a collective identity full of individual points of view. A body that neither dances, nor speaks, nor denies, but transcends the stage in its efforts to turn the ‘I’ that is the performer and the ‘Them’ that is the audience into an ever more depersonalised ‘Us’.

Natalia Jiménez is a choreographer, dancer and artist with an interest in the hybridisation of languages and artistic collaboration for the development of art as a medium of communication. Her main axis of action and collaboration is Proyecto Conjugaciones in which she collaborates with anthropologist Leticia S. Moy and dramaturge Jorge Gallardo.

She has worked with artists and companies of very different methods and interests such as: Guillermo Wieckert, Abraham Hurtado, Jeremy Wade, Ex Nihilo, Vertebro Teatro, Angels Margarit/Cia Mudances and Iris Heitzinger, among others.

In 2013 she received the Escenarios Sevilla award. She also collaborates in the management of community projects such as Trans-formas; the Casa Oliva Yoga, Dance and Meditation centre in Sardinia and the Live Arts and Ecology Fair in Vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz.

Transformando mi cotidianidad en pos de la búsqueda del oro – Nazario Díaz. VÉRTEBRO
Transformando mi cotidianidad en pos de la búsqueda del oro (Transforming my day-to-day in the search for gold) suggests the possibility of re-actualising the body, thought, words and desire. To the end. We insist that the materials you see remain in constant transformation; we reopen a finished process even though we know we already have something solid and could take a break. This is the story of a man who would go anywhere to find the purest way of relating to the world. His body is not a metaphor; he doesn’t represent anyone, nor does he speak of man. The body transcends its solidity through offering one of its parts to be burned. The body is the oxygen that allows the pestilences of the stage to burn. Insist. Burn. Transcend.

Nazario Díaz is an actor and performance creator. Since March 2013 he has been developing his own work around the piece Oro; a search process for language presented as an autobiographical or bio-fiction performance. Oro was created somewhere between Poland and Spain with Jorge Gallardo as artistic catalyst.

In 2015 he began a collaboration project with Sofia Asencio and Societat Doctor Alonso. Vértebro consists also of Angela López and Juan Diego Calzada. In 2007 the group began to consolidate its own identity, and has been developing polyhedral ideas ever since. In 2009 they created Encuentros Vértebro, a seminar of artistic exchange with contributions from more than twenty national and international artists.

Júbilo (Proyecto Conjugaciones) - Natalia Jiménez
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