Co-production 2015

Naiara Mendioroz /Javier Murugarren / Paqiro López

Vestits inesperats per a cerimònies indefinides

Duration: 90 min

Original concept: Naiara Mendioroz and Javier Murugarren

Current version and textile creation with the collaboration of Pakiro Lopez

Production and styling: Rul.
Music: Erikk Mckenzie

Coproduction: Antic Teatre/Adriantic


Unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies is a piece that brings together textile design, performance and retail in the same theatre. It uses a unique clothing collection as the trigger for a commercial/choreographic process inside a hybrid social event that positions theatre as a place for action, reaction and continuous reinvention.

The piece establishes movement, inaugurates spaces, punctuates actions, emancipates images, enunciates curiosities and serves up textiles within a context of craftsmanship faced against the structures of mass production and commercialisation, creating a distance from the imposed relationships between fashion, trends, purchasing and continuous disposability.

We are trying to re-establish the audience’s visual relationship between space and body, changing this in real time and so enlarging their imagined perception. 

Paqiro López, performer.
His own artistic leanings inspired by his life and environment have led him to create solo work, and he has collaborated on a number of projects by national artists. Holder of a degree in Industrial Pattern-making and Fashion Design, he is currently embarking on this collaboration with Murugarren.

Javier Murugarren. Following an encounter with company El Ojo de la Faraona he abandoned his studies in science in search of the showbiz life. He is a graduate in choreography from the SNDO and studies fashion design at AMFI.
His interest in textile research and its influence on the choreographic process has led to the creation of two key development pieces: Calamiteiten and Vestidos inesperados para ceremonias indefinidas.
He collaborates with a number of international companies, collectives and artists.


>>> Watch Naiara Mendioroz /Javier Murugarren / Paqiro López
Vestits inesperats per a cerimònies indefinides
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