April 24th & 25th 2021

Mujeres Brasileñas Contra el Fascismo (MBCF.BCN): 3 años de lucha

with the participation of: Members of the Assembly of Mujeres Brasileñas Contra el Fascismo (Barcelona) and guests

Saturday, April 24th at 17:15
Sunday, April 25th at 17:15
Duration: Saturday: 3 h 30 + Sunday: 2 h 50
Free entrance

with reservation to taquilla@anticteatre.com

Context: l’Antic Teatre al Grec: Jornades Antifeixistes. Brasil Segrestat (De Grec a Grec)


We are women, Brazilian, migrants and others, activists, teachers, journalists; members of the Assembly of Brazilian Women Against Fascism – Barcelona (MBCF). Antic Teatre’s invitation brings us together to collaborate on this follow-up event to Brasil Secuestrado, held last year as part of Antic Teatre at Grec 2020: Antifascist Conferences.

MBCF.BCN: an assembly of Brazilian women in diaspora that is feminist, non-partisan, diverse, and stands in resistance to Jair Bolsonaro’s government and the hate speech of the far right. We are for democracy, equality and respect for Brazilian identities and diversities.


17:14 [Conferences Opening]
MBCF.BCN – 3 años en lucha / MBCF.BCN Members

17:40 PREMIERE [Performance] 20 min
Guardiões da floresta (Guardian del Bosc) / Zahy Guajajara

#ritual #art #zahyguajajara


18:00 [New documentary dramaturgies– performative conference]
50 min
COPOAZU (Teatro Amazonas) / Azkona&Toloza

Using a selection of characters and places, and a few stories, all linked by the idea of delusions of grandeur, Azkona&Toloza bring us a choral account that delves into the last five centuries of history of the Brazilian Amazon.
The Amazon, consistently described by the West as a huge, empty vastness, uninhabited and wild, despite the fact that its banks and forests are home to millions of Indigenous people, and have been for centuries.
Impenetrable, exotic and exuberant.
Chaotic, delirious and lawless.
A fantastical paradise for explorers, conquistadors and adventurers, replete with treasures to be found and resources to be exploited.
A vast expanse of green crossed by a giant furrow in the shape of an anaconda.
A place where blue and green is the same word. 

Creation: Laida Azkona Goñi and Txalo Toloza-Fernández
Research: Raquel Cors Munt, Leo Gamboa Caneo
Soundscape: Rodrigo Rammsy
Audiovisuals: MiPrimerDrop
Set and props: Xesca Salva and AzkonaToloza
Readers: TBC
With: Joao Paulo Lima Barreto, Livia Diniz, Jeisson Castillo, Pedro Granero, Helena Febrés, Festival Grec of Barcelona, Théâtre de la Ville-Paris/Festival d’automne à Paris, Théâtre Garonne-Scène Européenne, Marche Teatro/Inteatro Festival and Antic Teatre of Barcelona.
In collaboration with DNA Creación 2091, Azala Espazioa, El Graner – Mercat de les Flors, La Caldera, Labea, and Nave, Centro de creación e In-nova Cultural promoted by Fundación Bancaria Caja Navarra and Obra Social “La Caixa”. 

#Copoazu #AzkonaToloza #AzkonaTolozaAmazónicas


19:15 [Debate]
30 min
Theatre and Social Struggle / Cecilia Boal

Cecilia Thumim Boal, born in Buenos Aires, worked in the 1960s as an actress, director and televisión scriptwriter. In 1966 she joined the cast of Teatro de Arena in São Paulo, participating in several shows in Brazil and other countries. In 1982 she finished her studies in Psychology at the Sorbonne (Paris VII). She is a psychoanalyst and actress. She chairs the Instituto Augusto Boal, created in 2010. Since then, she has been dedicated to preserving and disseminating Boal’s work, from new publications of his book with Cosac Naify label, to mise-en-scene of his theater works, to the holding of seminars and meetings on theater and dramaturgy.

Participants: Cecilia Boal, Akona&Toloza, Zahy Guajajara, Sallisa Rosa
Mediators: Cecília Boal and MBCF.BCN members


20:15 [Concert] 40 min
Finestra Fina / Aina Bonet & Jeca Mó

Finestra Fina is a music and social action intervention. Crossing oceans, two singer-songwriters invite us on a journey in an intimate environment. The idea of combining music and civil society by ceding private space for public space achieves positive results and brings art and community together. A connection between the live and the digital.

Concept: Clara Nascimento
Production: Clara Nascimento and Carolina Cauchioli
Videomaker: Fernanda Medeiros
Singers: Aina Bonet and Jeca Mó
Wardrobe and make-up: Finestra Fina

#cantautoras #mujeresartistas #musicasdelmundo #mujeresenlamusica



17:14 [Conferences Opening]
MBCF.BCN – 3 años en lucha / MBCF.BCN Members

17:40 PREMIERE [Performance] 15 min
A Cobra / Kelly Lua

In times of political crisis, when everybody’s rights are under threat and Black women are the bottom of the social pyramid. Mastering the cobra means knowing its poison.
Kelly Lua is an actress, singer-songwriter, theatrical director, founding member of Tinta Negra collective and collaborator with Black Barcelona.
Throughout her career, which spans theatre and cinema, Kelly has included her viewpoint as a black woman being looked at in her work.

18:00 [Performance]
20 min
O pé que dança, se preciso vai a Luta / Edi Pantera

Capoeira: a yearning for freedom, the weapon of a people who fought against systemised slavery and colonisation. On the fringes of society and persecuted from the very beginning, practicing it was criminalised. It has survived to this day but persecution continues in its undervaluation by the government and the system of oppression, particularly when performed by descendants of those who created it. It continues regardless: “mandingueira”, it resists and reexists today. It is one of the riches left to us by the Africans and it is a fundamental part of Brazilian culture.

Edi Pantera is the founder of Capoeira group Jogo da Luta and of dance company Arte, Luta e Dança. A Capoeira master, he is also a teacher and choreographer of Afro dance, percussionist and circus artist. He has been working in all these arts for more than 20 years in front of a wide variety of audiences.



18:20 [ExpresArte Open Stage] 30 min
La nueva Eva / Amanda Araújo

Amanda Araújo, artist and arts practitioner from an early age, sees in her artistic expressions the possibility for dialogue on subjects often considered taboo or which have been pathologised in some way. Her commitment to communication and her desire to encourage loving and cultural thinking have led her to the creation of primarily socio-political reflection, combining urban cultural tools such as Rap-HipHop, marginal poetry, performances and audiovisuals (photos/videos), always with a view to using the body and nudity as a means of creating awareness of Trans anatomy and lifestyle.

Performer, poet, artivist: Amanda Araújo aka Transbap

#transbapmc #artivism


19:05 [Debate] 30 min
CAMINOS Y EXISTENCIAS: ¿Cómo re-existir?

Participants: Edi pantera, Kelly Lua
Mediators: MBCF.BCN members

19:35 PREMIERE [Performance] 30 min
Dilema Migrante / MBCF.BCN Members

Dilema Migrante is a performance developed by members of the assembly Mujeres Brasileñas Contra el Fascismo – BCN. Women, migrants and diverse that transform their concerns into poetic action to express the anguish of observing from a distance the suffering of people in Brazil.

Migrate is a verb, wichi then becomes a noun. We are migrants, we become immigrants. Every day we are confronted with the fact of living the effects of two worlds, the one we are leaving and the one we are in. By migrating, one is cracked in two.

The effective links of those who migrate create dialogues that cross borders; incthese voices relate confessions, advice, mixed feelings and unquestionable doubts. The dilema is intensified by the political and health crisis.

Performance created and developed by artists and activists members of the assembly Mujeres Brasileñas Contra el Fascismo (MBCF_BCN)

#elenao #forabolsonaro #antifascistas #antirracistas #antixenofobia #antitransfobia #antilgbtifobia #bolsonarogenocida

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