Co-production 2016

Mònica Muntaner in collaboration with Hugo Barbosa

Remote Sessions (installation/action)

Duration: 60 min

Concept: Monica Muntaner
Visuals: Hugo Barbosa
Performers: Mònica Pascual, Laura Ojer, Sílvia Sant Funk

Co-produced by: La Poderosa, Antic Teatre Espai de Creació

Sesions Remotes (Remote Sessions) is an exploration of an as yet hidden narrative that looks to develop unresolved questions by means of movements, gestures, attitudes, voices and the construction of a collage composed of faces, bodies and presences.

The installation features a series of images and recorded interviews in which 30 people of different ages and professions underwent the experience of dancing, alone, resisting time and tiredness, alongside a collection of short performative solo pieces.

Mònica Muntaner trained as a contemporary dancer in Barcelona. She has worked as dancer/performer for a variety of companies.
She is artistic co-director of La Poderosa, a space for creation in Barcelona established in the year 2000, and co-founder of: Las Santas (multidisciplinary artistic collective) and ARTAS (Artists Associated with La Poderosa).
Her creations are: Momunt, Bizarre, Menta in Iurmain with texts by Rafael Ponce, Tres encuentros, Space Invaders, Poemas de amor y cuerpo, Típicas (documentary), mâe (identidad, cuerpo, herencia), Antes y después de bailar with Bea Fernández and BCN XXI (experimental TV lab) with Daniel Miracle. 

Hugo Barbosa, born 1966, Lisbon; born 2006, Barcelona
Visual Artist, Video Artist, pioneering VJ, Director, Editor, Photographer… Independent video producer under the acronyms AgFtM-Lx/89 (1989-93) and hbprgms (since 1994).
He has collaborated with creators from a range of artistic fields as well as producers of events and spectacles, creating graphic, artistic and documentary video work. As a video artist he has worked on the experimental concepts of Video Painting (1989 -93) and Video-Jamming (1995-99). As Vj he was privileged to work with some of the prominent names in Portuguese and international Dj-ing. Lux-Frágil, Lisboa (1999-2005).
In Barcelona, since 2006 he has worked with collectives, institutions and associations such as:, Ubu Television, Horizonte Televisión, La Porta, Las Santas, La Poderosa, Las Reinas, MIS -Movimiento de insurreció Sonoro, Idensitat, Universidad Rovira y Virgil (Tarragona), La Capilla, Fabra y Coats, La Virreina. He has also worked on projects and experiences on site/ on terrain/ with communities/ for teaching purposes/… with: Nave Côclea, Casal de Niños del Arrabal, La Fundición, Telenoika, La Poderosa, IDensitat, Centro de Arte del Priorato, Deac/Musac y Artium, Consejo Superior de De Porto.


>>> Watch Mònica Muntaner amb col.laboració de Hugo Barbosa
Sessions Remotes (Instalació /Acció)

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