Co-production 2014

María García Vera, Juan Miranda

Micrología Segunda: El descenso de Facunda Volupta

Duration: 60 min

Original idea and interpretation: María García Vera
Direction: Juan Pablo Miranda

In collaboration with: Txiki Berraondo / Sergi Faustino / Oscar Dasí /Sonia Gómez/ Victor Molina / Patricia Caballero / Melina Pereyra / Bruna Cusí

With the support of: La Porta, Proyecto Ocupaciones, Teatro Pradillo, Beca CONCA 2012, La Caldera, El Estruch

Co-production: Antic Teatre / Adriantic

An adventure on the other side that can be likened to falling into a twilight state, the state between sleep and wakefulness in which images that are suddenly remembered (the absent); images that struggle to emerge from wounds on the body (emotions) and images that illuminate the darkness that stirs in the heart of everyday experience (the ghosts) exist simultaneously.

A descent… bodies and fragments of bodies appear, emit sounds, speak and disappear….an exploded story …a map of traces…a secret…and the weightlessness of days…

María García Vera
Actress and researcher. She studied Film at La Sorbonne and Performance at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. She combines working as an actress for film and theatre with creation and research in performance and cinema. She trained in Body Weather with Andrés Corchero. She is a member of the Ocupaciones project created by La Porta in 2012, and is part of the Mortal de Necesidad collective with Oscar Dasí, Sergi Faustino and Itxaso Corral. She is resident artist at El Graner 2014.

Juan Pablo Miranda
Dramaturge, actor and director. He trained as an actor in Argentina under Pompeyo Audivert, Rhea Volij and Alejandro Catalán. In Barcelona, he graduated in Direction and Dramaturgy at the Institut del Teatre. He is co-director of Chroma Teatre with Melina Pereyra since 2009. His latest work, Boquitas Pintadas by Manuel Puig, will premiere in Barcelona at the Versus Teatre in May 2014.


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