Co-production 2015



31 December
Duration: 70 min

Idea, text and creation: Marc Caellas
Performed by: Bárbara Bañuelos, Carles Poy and Marc Caellas
Live music: Bárbara Bañuelos
Set design: Marcela Caldas
Lighting: Ana Rovira
Graphic images: Júlia Solans

Tourism is an industry based on taking people who would be better off at home to places that would be better off without them. The problem is that we all contribute to this industry. We’re all becoming too much like ‘Guiris’ in our own lives. We no longer know how to stay put in one place. We arrive, we disrupt the lives of other people and then we disappear. We’re emotional tourists consuming experiences until there are none left.

Guiris go home is a performance-based conference with live music, film and cooking that questions the role of extras assigned to the inhabitants of cities that are tourist destinations. Should we resign ourselves to being part of the scenery? Is there life beyond the tourist industry?

Marc Caellas (Barcelona, 1974) writes, creates and directs performance pieces.
His latest works, premiered in Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Caracas and Madrid, were: Entrevistas breves con escritores repulsivos (2011), based on texts by David Foster Wallace; El Paseo de Robert Walser (2012), an ordinary play; La Conferencia final (2013); Notas de Cocina (2013), by Rodrigo García; and Cuento mi vida (2014), a documentary theatrical creation codirected with Esteban Feune de Colombi, with whom he cofounded Compañía La Soledad.
His published books are: Carcelona (Melusina, 2011), Caracaos (El Peregrino, 2014) and Teatro del bueno (Teatro tinta, 2015).


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