Co-production 2016


El perico tumba la paloma

Duration: 60 min

Concept, dramaturgy and creation: Marc Caellas
Texts from “Zerozerozero” by Roberto Saviano (2013, all rights reserved)
On Stage: María Cecilia Sánchez and Edinson Quiñones
Live music: Albert Bover
Music: Dani Boom
Lighting and stage design: Marcela Caldas
Direction consultant: Carolina Torres
Video editing: Anna Caellas
Photography: Raúl Higuera

Special thanks to: Marcel Ventura, Paula Canal, Marcela Caldas, Revista Soho, Arturo Bastón, Albert Bover, Trini Moliterno, Juanito.

A Festival TNT, Terrassa i l’Antic Teatre Espai de Creació, Barcelona coproduction.

(In memory of Billie Holiday, one of the first victims of the criminal “War on drugs”.)

A piece about cocaine: its use, its effects, its names; the collective visions constructed around it. A stage production about the war on drugs, the banning of drugs, their legalisation; where they’re hidden, why they’re hidden. Cocaine makes the world go round, it saves banks from failure; it’s the most lucrative business there is.

If gold set the political economy of the Spanish colonies, allowing capitalism to take off, cocaine — or rather the prohibition of cocaine imposed by the USA — has become the obvious follow-up, giving shape to the current world economy. Keeping silent about cocaine, keeping it under cover, is to continue to deny reality just as was done with slavery.

Like gold, cocaine is imbued with violence and greed: shine that stinks of transgression. If capitalism turned into narco-capitalism, then this is the time of Narcoculture.

Born in Barcelona, he has lived in London, Sao Paolo, Miami, Caracas, Bogota, Rosario and Buenos Aires. Together with Esteban Feune de Colombi he created El Paseo de Robert Walser, a stage work. He has published Carcelona (Melusina, 2012), Teatro del Bueno (Teatron tinta, 2015) and Caracaos (Melusina, 2015). He has created the cycles Ahí está: 10 años de artes en vivo (Musac), No todo va a ser hablar (Caixaforum) and El Estómago de los escritores (CCCB). He has created stage projects for writers such as Entrevistas breves con escritores repulsivos, Los críticos también lloran and Come en casa Borges. His latest works are: Cuerpo Serrano, Guiris go home and No estuve en New York. Cielo: coda.


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