11-14 May 2023

Project selected for artistic creation and production residencies in 2023. Curated by grup d’estudi Cascades

malén iturri


Resi-dence Antic Teatre 2023
Thursday, 11th May at 8 pm
Friday, 12th May at 8 pm
Saturday, 13th May at 8 pm
Sunday, 14th May at 8 pm
Duration: 45 minutes
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Author, creator and performer: malén iturri
Accompaniment: Lautaro Reyes

Co-production: Antic Teatre Espai de Creació

With support from: La Poderosa’s Corriente Contínua programme and the outside eye of Carmelo Salazar and Centre de Creació Can Bonamic 

crura is a somatic distillation unfolded into an exploration of movement, voice and sound.

Spongy transience that softens everything under the tongue, below what’s below, from and towards a primitive behind (digestion – evacuation – swallowing). Looking for resistance in slowness and the dark damp places, a more than human body in a very dense state of relative fluidity.

malén iturri cultivates her curiosity around sensitivisation practices from a somatic perspective, with reference to evolutive development and embryology, by means of questions and considerations from feminist and queer thought.

Her artistic and teaching practice resonates with the search for sensory-perceptive collective imaginaries about life as a continous relative state between beings that are more than human.

She researches and acts in the fields of movement, voice and performative creation studies, while at the same time immersing herself in experimentations with sound and electronic music composition as part of the Mímbere project.

Alicia Soler
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