June 15 to 17


Fine Cherry

Friday 15th June at 8pm
Saturday 16th June at 8pm
Saturday 17th June at 8pm
Duration: Una eternitat
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros BOX OFFICE

Body: Victoria Macarte, Mar Medina Díaz and Xavier Manubens
Voice: Alèxia Sinoble
Music Tirso Orive Llarte
Art: Wafa Aoun

Co-production with Antic Teatre and BCN Producció. Created with support from EL GRANER and La Poderosa, Barcelona.

With Special thanks to Cherry Vanilla.

The first dancer to bring Isadora Duncan’s teachings and “Free Dance” to Catalonia and the Banda Republicana was called Fina Cirera; which translates literally as… Fine Cherry.

In this wordplay Fine Cherry takes back personal freedom in a post-apocalyptic psychic and aesthetic landscape, subverting established ideals of beauty. A Greco-Roman pop-punk glam-trash-glitch bacchanal as a form of resistance to consumer capitalism’s colonization of corporal poetics and in homage to true freedom of the body, reclaiming its power as a portal to the great mysteries of art. Still, life in action to contemplate lost archives from the future. Aesthetic junkies in overdose. Kitsch is the new Rococo.

Les Brontë started with the dancer Victoria Macarte and the textile artist Rosa Tharrats but they expand like space. More and more people are signing up for the party and in this case they are: Xavier Manubens, Mar Medina, Tirso Orive Liarte, Alèxia Sinoble and Wafa Aoun.

The work spans dance, performance, fashion, music, video, film, installation and visual art, defined by a primal aesthetic transposed onto the digital era. The form varies but is based on the concept of ‘Neotaxidermia’ as a transfer of image or essence, tangible remains of ideas or memories. Capturing today’s ‘retromania’, cultural appropriation and wild-spread of tendencies through visual and living elements of performance as the folklore of our times. Period drama meets science-fiction. A collection of lost archives of the future. Blurring the boundaries of reality with small subversive actions.

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