JULY 3 to 30 2020




Performative conferences,
round tables
and cineforums, 7 pm

Workshop 5 pm


Antifascist struggle is still an issue in the 21st century and we need to remain alert and ready for combat given the resurgence of the far right in its new manifestations, whether at institutional level or on the streets. This year’s programme is in defence of a politicised international scene: artists and residents who do not forget their condition as a class and the social reality that surrounds us.

With the global pandemic and the resulting social and financial crisis, antifascist and antiracist movements must remain extremely active. This is why this year’s conferences are even more important, if possible, than they were last year, when we began to work on them for the Grec 2020 programme. They are a political declaration of support and joint strength against fascism.”

Semolina Tomic, Antic Teatre’s Artistic Director


“In Spain and in Brazil the transition to democracy retained certain conservative elements in a latent state that have now emerged and entered the institutions, supported by the advance of an international far-right front. In Brazil, the assumption of power by an alliance of contemporary neofascism motivated by unfettered liberalism is resulting in the systematic destruction of public institutions and policies that were many years in the making.”

Isabel Ferreira and Eduardo Bonito, activists and independent curators.


With Antic Teatre at Grec 2020: Antifascist Conferences, we’re putting forward a programme adapted to an online format to stimulate encounters, reflection, and action. The Antifascist Conferences bring to the foreground how sociopolitical authoritarianism threatens people in Brazil today, living the extremely serious situation imposed b Bolsonaro’s neofascist government, and how it still affects those who lived through Franco’s dictatorship.


There are two online strands to the programme, which runs from July 3 to 30:

On the one hand, Brasil Secuestrado (July 3 to 18) will expose the project to destroy contemporary culture and thought in Brazil, at present experiencing a severe crisis of democracy. Activists from Brazil have been invited to tell us about the ways in which the Bolsonaro government’s contemporary neofascism is affecting their lives, their dreams, and their prospects, as well as those of the country as a whole. They will do this by means of a programme of conferences, videoperformances and cineforums, and a workshop. The Brasil Secuestrado programme is the result of a collaboration between Antic Teatre, Brazilian Women Against Fascism  – Barcelona (MBCF – BCN), and Eduardo Bonito and Isabel Ferreira, activists and independent curators.

The other strand for the Antifascist Conferences is the latest work by Antic Teatre’s Community Arts Project with local residents: the premiere of documentary film Souvenirs. Vol. II. Els aterrits, els revoltats, about the traces that the Civil war and Franco’s dictatorship left in the bodies of those who lived through them. The documentary will be shown on July 24 and 25, and will be available to watch until the 30th on Antic Teatre’s Youtube channel.

All Antic Teatre at Grec 2020: Antifascist Conferences events are free and take the form of a presentation, a videoprojection (performance or documentary film), and a round table. You can follow them live via Antic Teatre’s Facebook (Facebook Live) or YouTube (YouTube Live) profiles.

Antic Teatre is also presenting Apariciones Sonoras by Amaranta Velarde, taking place live on July 9th at the MACBA as part of the Grec Festival block, and will be taking part in an online round table organised by other local theatres and venues to discuss the future of performance arts.

Follow the Antic Teatre at Grec 2020: Antifascist Conferences programme via social networks with hashtags #GrecAntic2020 #JornadesAntifeixistes #SOSBrasilSecuestrado #liberaelfuturo


JULY 3rd at 7pm live
Princesa Ricardo Marinelli
Brasil Secuestrado. Cuidado com aquele bizarra
(Video performance conference and round table on the subject of LGTBI in Brazil)

Brazil 2020. Nothing makes much sense. Everything seems to heading nowhere along a road of stupidity and violence. Using this as a starting point, Princesa performs phobias as the ideological substrata to Bolsonarism; censorship and self-censorship; and the appropriation of live, contemporary arts to unite and strengthen militant ultra-conservatism in Brazil. [+ read more]


JULY 4th at 5pm LIVE
Fabi Borges, Lívia Díniz, Rafael Frazão
and Thiago Pimentel.

Brasil secuestrado. LAB Sueños Pandémicos (workshop)

In the LAB we will discuss the power of dream in the activation of networks, the forming of subjectivity, and the creation of futures; and we will show some of the things we do with the technologies we use to work with dreams: NLP (Natural language processing), production of graphs, and creation of algorithms. You must pre-register before July 2nd. [+ read more]


JULY 4th at 7pm LiVe
Zahy Guajajara
Brasil secuestrado.
Uma carta em defesa dos guardiões da floresta
(Pytuhem: A letter in defense of the defenders of the forest)
(Performative conference and round table on indigenous resistance in Brazil)

The intensified deforestation caused by the fires set by groups of hunters and loggers is exhausting their water and food reserves. Since Bolsonaro became president of Brazil, five of the Forest Guardians have been murdered. [+ read more]


JULY 7th & AUGUST 4th at 9pm
Mandonguilles de Feixista
(New staged schizophrenics)

Roger talks, shouts, and sings at the top of his voice for 57 minutes and then goes off home as if nothing had happened.. [+ read more]


Place: MACBA
JULY 9th at 8pm
Apariciones Sonoras
(New body llanguajes)

We propose Apariciones Sonoras, by Amaranta Velarde, an investigation into the potential choreographic and plastic dimensions of sound and body. This synesthetic performance is an adaptation of the piece you saw here a few months ago. This time it shows in the Capella MACBA.
[+ read more]


JULY 10th at 7pm live
Mujeres Brasileñas Contra el Fascismo
y por la Lucha Antirracista
(Brazilian Women Against Fascism)

Brasil secuestrado.
Del lado de afuera #MarielleVive
+ Semillas: Mujeres Negras en la Política
(Documentary screening and discussion)

The sessions will screen short films on the fight against racism and fascism: Del lado de afuera #MarielleVive, Semillas: Mujeres Negras en la Política and Sin Alas, all directed by Brazilian women. After the shorts, there will be a discussion on the themes brought up in the films, mediated by members of the MBCF-BCN assembly and with the participation of the film directors and other guests. [+ read more]


JULY 11th at 7pm LiVe
Mujeres Brasileñas Contra el Fascismo
y por la Lucha Antirracista
(Brazilian Women Against Fascism)

Brasil secuestrado.
Sin Alas (Sem Asas)
(Documentary screening and discussion)

Without Wings (Sem Asas) is a short film that relates the story of Zu, a black 12-year-old boy who goes to the shop to buy flour and, on his way back, discovers he can fly. [+ read more]


JULY 17th at 7pm LiVe
Alice Ripoll – Cia. REC
Brasil secuestrado.
About questions, shames and scars
 (videoperformative conference and discussion)

Hijacked Brazil
invites us to think about Brazil, that surreal, sad and complex behemoth, while forcing us to strip bare and face the twists and distortions in our history. The work has emerged from our thoughts on the relations within a group with a director and dancers who are very different and who reflect a Brazil of serious inequalities.
[+ read more]


JULY 18th at 7pm LiVe
Brasil secuestrado. Capitalismo para Dummies
(Video and round table)

For the first time, Azkona&Toloza show a compilation of their Capitalism for Dummies series, a section included in all their staged shows over the past few years and that explains the origins and consequences of extractive exploitation in Latin America. [+ read more]


JULY 24th at 7pm LiVe
Antic Round table: What future for local theatres
in the city’s cultural infrastructure?

Members of Sales de Proximitat moderated by Núria Juanico
(Round Table)

Local theatres: what future can they expect and what role do they play in maintaining Barcelona’s cultural infrastructure? From Antic Teatre we’ll be taking part, together with a selection of guests well acquainted with the field. Moderated by journalist Núria Juanico. Free with reservation at info@salaversusglories.cat. [+ read more]


JULY 24th & 25th at 7pm LiVe
Antic Teatre’s community arts project

Souvenirs. Vol. II. Els aterrits, els revoltats
(Audiovisual documentary and discussion)

In 2019 we started the third performance project with Antic Teatre’s community arts project local residents with the following question: What scars do war and fascism leave on bodies and minds? In order to answer this question we began exploring a methodology we call “the archaeology of the mundane”. [+ read more]

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