Co-production 2015

Laboratorio Escénico Los Menos

El sudor del signo + Oluz

Duration: 60 min + 60 min

El sudor del signo
On stage: Juan Montoro, Nazareth Martín and Pedro Albentosa
Dramaturgy and Staging: Joaquín Lisón
Assistant: Kolomina


Text: Juan Montoro

Performance: Erika Trejo (Elisabeth Trejano), Pedro Albentosa (kidnapper) and Frida Trejo (young Elisabeth Trejano)
Script and screenplay: Joaquín Lisón
Lighting Design: Pepe Martini
Altar: Kolomina
Poster: Amanda Culebras

Creation and production: Los Menos

Co-production: Antic Teatre / Adriantic

El sudor del Signo (The Sweat of the Sign) is a work of new drama where Los Menos have decided to place their author on stage and allow the psychophysical impulse to write to become a performative fact without what is written reaching a state of communication with the audience. At the same time, on the other side of same stage, a woman quotes herself repeatedly, an act which becomes a narrative impossibility for her.

Oluz is a physical theatre piece that address the archetype of women in bondage by looking at her empowerment after years of immoral sexual darkness with her kidnapper. Because of these experienced situations, unimaginable to us, we decided to perform a poetic act of cleansing of all those desecrated spaces known as Zulo (hole): Oluz.

Laboratório Escénico Los Menos (Performance Laboratory Los Menos) emerged in 2012 in the city of Murcia, from the need felt by its artists to create works and experiences with absolute freedom. Its members are multidisciplinary artists, who work in visual art, performance art and literature. The group has created the piece Oluz, which premiered in 2012, along with a written version by the same title. After a long year of training and lab work, they are currently engaged in the creation of El Sudor del signo.


>>> Watch Laboratorio Escénico Los Menos El sudor del signo (full show)

>>> Watch Laboratorio Escénico Los Menos Oluz (full show)

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