November 23 & 24


Hacer Historia(s) vol III / Contemporary dance and performance cycle

Hacer histo- ria(s) VOL 3
Saturday, November 23rd at 8pm
Sunday, November 24th at 8pm
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Contemporary dance and performance cycle


Organized and curated by La Poderosa

This third edition has been made possible thanks to involvement, support from and communication with Antic Teatre, Mercat de les Flors, La Caldera Les Corts and MACBA

With support from : Generalitat de Catalunya, Osic (Department for Support for Cultural Initiatives), Ayuntamiento de Barcelona ICUB (Barcelona Institute for Culture)


Contemporary dance and performance cycle


History provides us with a vast archive of ideas and experiences from the past that, when connected to the present, can help us face up to this and get through it. For this reason, “it makes sense” to us to bring about the Hacer Historia(s) Cycle another year, taking it to its third edition.

By rescuing the concepts that continue to resonate as main engines (memory, archive, body) and spilling these over, on occasion, beyond dance and the dancing body, we arrive at other bodies that come on stage for their stories to be recounted in terms of memory, identity, territory, gender and language.

We want to consider the power of subjectivity when taking on history and first-person accounts.

… making history and making it ours, and also making it today, by making it….

[November 23rd at 8pm]
Bárbara Bañuelos
INVENTARIO, memorias de una aspiradora.
Una Exposición oral y visual.
(New drama)
“On how I found a photo of a menu listing on the street and ended up searching for Hemingway at my grandparents’ house”
Since 1996, I’ve been gathering objects (mainly flat and made of paper) that I’ve found on the street: mundane items, scraps that were part of something, or fragments of discarded objects.

Inventario is an unlikely journey through an aspect of memory: both my memory and the collective memory, through objects and intuition; a potential game that moves between fiction and reality and that traverses an emotional geography encompassing everything from the supposedly insignificant to the most essential.

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[November 24th at 8pm]
Azahara Ubera
(performative conference)

Zinneke is a performative conference.
Zinneke means Bastard.
It’s an archive of gestures, poems and silenced voices.
In this piece I become my Mother, working with otherness in order to relate some of the stories and the silenced bodies.

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La Poderosa is a space for creation, research and cultural agitation.

La Poderosa is a space that supports creation, embraces the new and is both container and support for the established. A space like a fertile womb that empowers research projects about languages of the body. A space for the closeness and proximity that encourages relations between artist and audience, that curates and creates exhibitions specifically for individual and collaborative practices. A space that contains the growing, the fattening and the eating in which to share everything that seems impossible in other places and contexts. A space that practices resistance through the continuous questioning of the emotional, social, political and cultural situation that surrounds it, trying to generate new work methodologies that foster empathy and awareness of the current realities and needs of artists, audiences and the community in general.

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