October 27 & 28


Konvent a l'Antic

Inter- disci- plinary
Saturday, October 27 at 8pm
Sunday, October 28 at 8pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros BOX OFFICE

Organizes: Konvent de Cal Rosal & Antic teatre


The 3rd edition of KONVENT A L’ANTIC is an opportunity to meet in Barcelona, creations by artists living in the convent of Cal Rosal, an old convent of the late nineteenth century converted into a multidisciplinary artistic center.

October 27th at 8pm
Marc Vilanova
Aresta (Concert performance)

Aresta is a concert for eight saxophones and one musician working on the concept of automatisation.
In Aresta, a saxophone octet no longer requires saxophonists. Each instrument hangs from a pyramid-shaped metal structure and acts as a resonating body for the loudspeaker it holds inside it. More than a hundred LEDs fixed in the holes of each instrument create a choreography of light moving in perfect synchronicity with the music.
Taking the form of a performative installation, the saxophones generate the illusion of organicness, of different timbres and of choreographed movement despite being completely inert and immobile. Aresta presents a constant dialogue between machine and musician, questioning whether machines can trigger emotions the same way a human can.

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October 28th at 8pm
Una mujer fue la causa  (Concert performance)

LaboratoriA is a multidisciplinary project set up as an experimentation channel for four women who share flamenco as a common language and who, in addition to conversing with it, wish to transcend it.
The genesis of this lab is femininity. in Una mujer fue la causa (A woman made it happen) we consider and create around our own particular condition.

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