Co-production 2017



Duration: 90 min

Directed by: Ignacio Galilea
Performed by: Susana Goulart
Music: Carles López
Photography: Jordi Plana
Lighting: Ignasi Solé
Co-produced by: Antic Teatre (Bcn)/ Konvent (Berguedà) / El Graner (Bcn)

GOLDENGAS is a performance based on real experiences that shows us, metaphorically, how a woman relates to her own energy and how she is transformed when she decides to use this energy in a different way. Going from the disaster that is today’s society to the heaven of superheroes.
GOLDENGAS is proof that turning shit into gold, blood into milk or gas into perfume is within everybody’s reach.

GOLDENGAS is a sociodelic performance that uses a wealth of universal references and varied semiotics to provoke a wide range of sensations and discovered interpretations in a critical and ironic fashion. In technical terms it is a mix of action art, experimental theatre, and audience and video interaction.
Starting from the base created in 50 movimientos de Sudra para célula flamenca, co-produced by and presented at Antic Teatre, Susana Goulart and Ignacio Galilea come together once again.


>>> Watch Ignacio Galilea / Susana Goulart / Carles Lopéz GOLDENGAS (full show)

To watch the video of the full show please request the password, email to

Viewing reserved for professionals.

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