Co-production 2015

Ignacio Galilea + Susana Goulart

50 movimientos de sudra para célula flamenca + Durum Battle in Madrid

Duration: 30 min + 35 min

50 movimientos de sudra para célula flamenca
Socio-delic Performance: Ignacio Galilea and Susana Goulart
Direction and Choreography: Ignacio Galilea
Performer and choreographic material: Susana Goulart
Set: Jenny Larson 

Durum Battle in Mardid
Performance: Ignacio Galilea
Music: Kris Engelen

Thanks to Juan Antonio Galilea, Marcel·li Antunez, Jenny Larson, Jenny Larson, Viviane Calvitti, Sanja Tomic, Semolina Tomic and Khe

50 movimientos de sudra para célula flamenca is a  performance mixture of dance theater, art action and interaction with video. There’s a reason for that new state of mind…
The movement causes a wake, a trail; a wear and tear that makes you more streamlined.
There is ever more garbage in our cells and the energy that makes us fulfil our desires comes from that. Everything boils down to endocrine glands, neuropeptides and neural networks, the molecules of emotion and reaction.

Durum Battle in Mardid. This performance, resulting from a real-life experience of a bureaucratic error, ponders identity, our social system and human stupidity.
It is a sociodelic performative mix of a range of artistic channels, concepts, symbols and references that emerged and were added to each other during the creation process in a spontaneous fashion.

Ignacio Galilea is an inter-disciplinary artist who trained as a draughtsman and illustrator. He was part of ritual Art company Odelot and is co-founder of the public space intervention group Mudanzas Contemporaneas. He has been artist/activist at many events and festivals. He is currently curator for performance events at the Artpotheek and performs with Marcelli Antúnez.

Susana Goulart trained in classical dance at the São Paolo Conservatory and holds a diploma from the London Royal Academy. She has taken part in a range of creative projects internationally as dancer, performer, actress, choreographer and director of movement. Her most recent personal work was Brasucatas Es Pruscuvitch with Viviane Calvitti.


>>> Watch Susana Goulart 50 movimientos de sudra para célula flamenca (full show)

>>> Watch Ignacio Galilea Durum Battle in Madrid (full show)

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