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at 8 pm
Duration: 90 min
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Session 10


For the last session this seasosn, we’ll be presenting four videos that combine four elements: body, nature, performance and mystery. A clean intersection, free of artifice and full of freedom. 


Barcelona, ​​Cambrils. We’re visual creators, performers, teachers and cultural agitators. Our projects link visual fine arts with videoart, performance art and videoperformance. They are the expression of our search for social provocation and poetic action. We like the ephemeral, having freedom to act and providing motivating food for thought interactively to the audience. The situation for creation nowadays means we work with the rural, agricultural environment where we live (Baix Camp). A visual luxury that allows us to generate an integrative symbiosis between our sensorial creation and our corporative tools, body and nature. Videoperformance and performance are taking us all over the world, where we have taken part in festivals and fairs, such as Muestra Dislocada/Dislocated (Mexico, USA, India, Colombia, Chile), Festival Findecoin (Venezuela) and Internacional Ecoperformance Festival de São Paulo (Brazil), among others.





Two cups of freedom to drink anytime
2021_13:11 min
Performance:  Jordina Ros / Pere Estadella
Camera:  David Pallarès
Sound design and music:  Pol Ros

Is liberty an abstraction? A utopia? A myth? Humankinds biggest manifestation of freedom is in creation. We produce the most freedom when we create something different; and art is one of the main laboratories where this freedom can be exercised.  

2020_2:43 min
Performance:  Jordina Ros / Pere Estadella
Camera:  David Pallarès
Sound design and music:  Pol Ros

The destruction and control of our environment can be cruel. The natural environment, our bodies and industrialisation intertwine, bringing a sweet touch to the handling of the Baix Camp’s star local product: carob.

No nos podemos perder más allá de la línea
2020_4:13 min
Performance:  Jordina Ros / Pere Estadella
Camera:  David Pallarès
Sound design and music:  Pol Ros

Our fears become obvious at the limits of our comfort zone. Getting lost or exiting can cause significant variations to our lives.


London (1961), has been living in Catalonia since 1987.

A visual, transdisciplinary artist, he brings together performance, drawing, sculpture and video. He has presented his work at festivals, museums and galleries all over the world since 1984. He is a member of international performance groups Wolf in the Winter and Ocells al cap. Since 2002 he is director of Gresol, a non-profit cultural association that has organised more than twenty festivals and international performance gatherings. Notable among these is international gathering FEM, an annual festival focusing on actions and works by women, currently in its 18th edition. Denys also founded action artists collective Corpologia and the magazine of the same name.





The Noble Gases
2014_23.30 min
Photography: Marta Vergonyós Cabratosa
Sound: Uma Bunnag Blacker
Editing: Amanda Baqué Subirós

The Noble Gases is a series of seven performances, based on my research on the periodic table. In these brief performances to camera, I examine the qualities and characteristics of the elements in relation to daily life, subjective reality and our common experiences.  

I analyse the metaphysical aspects, the mystery of matter in its quantic state where all rules change and where matter is described as vibration or energy. And I also examine the prosaic narrative of material, the geopolitical implications of matter and the material: “mater” or mother is in the root of both words.

FLUX CLUB celebrates its 13th season at the Antic Teatre and the 22nd anniversary of its creation in 2000.

This is a fortnightly video programme that reflects the vitality of video creation in Barcelona. It hosts all kinds of sessions with screenings, video performances, and debates offering direct contact between audiences and video creators. The sessions focus on a range of subjects, from monographics of well-known directors to specific themes such as video dance and video poetry, or collective sessions dedicated to emerging authors.

The programme is open to everything currently going on in the field of video in Barcelona, complementing the FLUX Video Auteur Festival with its content and extending its sphere of influence beyond the dates of the festival, which takes place in December.

HABITUAL VIDEO TEAM is a non-profit association that has as its main objective the promotion of activities related to the visual arts, specifically, video art: www.habitualvideoteam.org.

A fundamental area of their work is the organisation of festivals, cycles and video shows, such as the FLUX Video Auteur Festival: www.fluxfestival.org, and the INFLUX Audiovisual Performing Arts Festival: www.influxfestival.org.

Another area of Habitual Video Team’s activity is video documentation of cultural events mainly related to experimental music and poetry performances. In 2012 they launched the SUMMA project in order to convert this audiovisual heritage (more than 1000 recordings) into a non-profit online video archive: www.summa-hvt.org.

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